Nedstat and Blue Billywig start partnership

Amsterdam, 13 February 2008 - Blue Billywig, supplier of integrated video solutions, has joined forces with Nedstat to offer a real-time solution providing insight into the viewing behaviour of people watching online streaming media. At present the commercial value of online videos is mainly determined by the number of video starts. The new joint solution makes it possible to measure how long a video has actually been watched, at what moment the viewer presses fast forward and when the stream is abandoned.

While a video is playing, measurement data is generated at 28 different points. This information can be integrated with Nedstat’s web statistics, making it possible to determine whether visitors spend more time on a website when they are offered online videos. The solution is based on Stream Sense™ by Nedstat and is fully integrated with the Blue Billywig video productline. By combining the data of the advertisement and web systems in the Video Dashboard of Blue Billywig, it is possible to measure and evaluate editorial effectiveness as well as costs and revenues of online videos.

The solution was recently implemented for Wegener NieuwsMedia, a large publisher of regional newspapers in the Netherlands. Harald Diesveld, Business Development Manager at Wegener MediaVentions, commented: “With Stream Sense, the Wegener internet portals now have real-time insight into the effectiveness of online videos. This information is of great value to the editorial team, as they can now even better respond to the wishes of our audience. It also allows our marketeers and sales departments to approach advertisers much more effectively.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th February 2008