LONDON, UK - Britney Spears released her first ever realtone ringtone on the UK market this week. Britney with her record company Jive Records used Amplefuture, to provide the service for her current single “Toxic”. It is available from along with more conventional monophonic, polyphonic ringtones.

Realtones, (also known as “Truetones”), are different from normal ringtones because they are an extract taken from the actual recording, reproducing the authentic listening experience rather than a series of tones that are an “interpretation” of the original recording. Amplefuture are one of the few major ringtone companies to be providing such a service.

Britney is one of the first “A-list” internationally recognised artists to distribute her music through a realtone. It is a recognition of the growing importance of innovation in mobile music as a means of keeping in touch with UK youth culture. Ringtones are also an additional source of revenue for the music industry, as ringtone sales outsell CD singles in the UK (source Mobile Data Association).

“We are delighted to work with Amplefuture to give Britney’s UK fans the chance to get the authentic ‘Toxic’ on their mobiles.” Said Hans Griffiths, Marketing Manager of Jive Records UK.

“The announcement is a significant move for the Amplefuture group, as it is a confirms the benefits of a close relationship with the Music Industry.” Said Alexandria Mendelson, Amplefuture’s Commercial Director.

Ringtone companies like Amplefuture can pay copyright for the songs that they reproduce through copyright collection societies. Realtones, require ringtone companies to have a direct relationship with the owner of the recording rights as well as the copyright owner.

Amplefuture are probably best known for providing O2 with the technical solution for Big Brother 4’s text to screen and MMS alerts. They pride themselves in developing consumer lead innovations. They were the first company to introduce ringtone service that could be re-branded and promoted by ISPs, web portals and retailers in 2000. Since then they have grown their service to include providing ringtones to 70% of the UK ISP market and their client list includes MSN, Sky and Tesco. Amplefuture also run the txtme TV sms chat channel on Sky channel 686.

About Amplefuture Ltd

Amplefuture Ltd is an international provider of premium rate services and mobile entertainment solutions to ISPs, mobile operators, digital television operators, media owners and retailers. Drawing upon extensive content aggregation, billing and delivery experience, Amplefuture uses in-house expertise to build integrated, white-labelled solutions that meet each client’s needs.

In business for over 8 years, Amplefuture’s clients include AOL, BMG, MSN, Freeserve, The Link, Tiscali, Phones 4u, BMG and BSkyB.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st March 2004