Solution provides visibility beyond last click conversion

London, 20th February, 2008 - DoubleClick, a leading provider of digital advertising technologies and services, today announced the launch of DART Natural Search in Europe. The new tracking technology enables marketers to view both traffic and conversions driven by natural search, and to de-duplicate those conversions with their paid search and display advertising campaigns.

To date, measuring the impact of organic search traffic in meeting marketing goals has posed a challenge for marketers using multiple systems and different counting methodologies. Now for the first time they can gain an insight into conversions from their SEO activities alongside robust data from other digital channels – this provides actionable data which agencies and marketers can use to optimise their campaigns and increase their ROI.

‘DART Natural Search is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle for many digital marketers and agencies,” said Jonty Kelt, Vice President - Search, International at DoubleClick, “DoubleClick has always believed in the value of accurately tracking the performance of digital advertising’. He goes on to explain ‘DoubleClick’s DART Natural Search allows marketers to see which natural search terms are being used to bring customers to the website. This gives them the visibility needed to bid on those search terms which can be lucrative and provide a greatest return against campaign goals.’

News of DoubleClick’s new product is being well received by the digital advertising industry. Lyndsay Menzies, Managing Director of bigmouthmedia and one of the first DART Search clients to sign up for the trial version of DART Natural Search, is delighted with the news: “We expect this tool to provide reliable data and insight on one tracking platform which will enable our search experts to optimise campaigns at increasingly sophisticated levels.”

For digital marketers who want to attribute conversions using more data than simply their customers’ last click, the addition of DART Natural Search data to DoubleClick’s Digital Advertising Centre means agencies can now view the path to conversion and understand the influence of each digital channel.

Commenting on the release of DART Natural Search, Duncan Parry, Director of Strategy, Steak Media UK said: “Expanding the DoubleClick platform to report natural search traffic is a positive step towards closing the gap that often exists between advertising tracking and reporting on natural search.”

Organic searches account for up to 75% of all search activity, yet most marketers have a limited understanding as to what impact natural searches have on conversions. DART Natural Search is a straightforward solution to this challenge and can be implemented easily by adding simple tracking tags to web pages.

DART Natural Search is in trial stage with a number of customers in the digital marketing industry and DoubleClick will continuously sign up new clients across Europe as the service rolls out to full production.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th February 2008