Sheffield UK - PlusNet announces today that, to celebrate 20 months at sub-£20 for its entry-level 512k broadband product (Home Surf), it is introducing a special offer, by including a free USB modem*.

Home Surf offers broadband at 512k access speeds with local rate help desk, as well as comprehensive online support. At £18.99 Inc VAT this product turns the leap from dial access to broadband into a small step.

“PlusNet welcomes today’s announcement by BT, which is indicative of the usual suspects (FreeServe, AOL, BT) starting to recognise the pricing realities needed to drive full broadband take up. However, it is surprising that BT are claiming to take the lead on a sub-£20 product, especially when everyone is aware of each others’ product offerings - and we have been offering Home Surf for almost two years,” said Marco Potesta, Marketing Director at PlusNet.

“It’s encouraging to see someone else joining us in selling a true broadband product at under £20 and not just promoting their low speed, low priced broadband products, the emphasis on which only serves to confuse and take the whole market in the wrong direction,” he continued.

PlusNet offer a full range of broadband products that have been well thought out to meet the need of today’s consumer and business user. All of these products come with a fully featured customer self-serve portal, with NO hidden support costs.

BT’s new product attempts to deliver what the broadband mass market needs, but does so with a sting in the tail. By wrapping the product in premium-rate customer support and a download limit of 1Gb per month, they still fall well short of the PlusNet option of HomeSurf.

“BT is moving the cost of getting support from your ISP out of the subscription and on to a premium-rate support number, and at the same time introducing a download restriction that is far too punitive. Home Surf has a better solution to the problem of demanding users using an entry-level product and doesn’t penalise people for wanting support from their ISP. BT has to be applauded for taking this step as it will drive take up across the board, but Home Surf is cheaper all round and is a lot less basic than BT’s new ‘basic’ offering," said Marco Potesta.

Details of PlusNet’s Home Surf special offer can be found at

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Notes for Editors:

In October 2003, voted ‘Best ISP on the Planet’ by Internet Magazine and ‘Best Broadband ISP’ by PC Pro Magazine.

PlusNet’s ability to deliver the best Internet access products at the lowest cost has been recognised, not only by the UK’s most respected commentators, but also by Oftel (now Ofcom), the UK telecom industry watchdog.

In research published on 27th October 2003, Oftel (now Ofcom) acknowledged PlusNet Technologies Ltd. (‘PlusNet’) as providing the lowest cost residential Broadband ADSL service throughout Europe and the US. In the ‘International benchmarking report of Internet services’, PlusNet were shown to offer the lowest cost ‘classic’ broadband (512kbps downstream / 256kbps upstream) service of the many ISPs researched.

About PlusNet
PlusNet Technologies ( is a major ISP whose target market within the UK is that of the experienced consumer and business user. PlusNet is part of the Insight Enterprises Inc. group (Nasdaq ref NSIT) and is led by key people who have been involved in the ISP industry for many years.

Through advanced levels of automation and customer self service, PlusNet consistently beats other ISP offerings for quality and value-add, whilst also remaining competitive in terms of mass-market price expectancies. Established in 1997, PlusNet is an independent ISP with its own in-house customer support, application development and network operations centre resources, and employs over 110 co-workers.

In addition to Internet Service Provision, PlusNet also provide Web Services solutions, fully managed and unmanaged “ASP style” partnerships / joint-ventures, and also reseller solutions.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st March 2004