Emailcenter have launched ‘Maxemail Content Generator’, the email marketing industry’s first solution for assisting email marketers with generating relevant content for their email campaigns.

“Research shows that email campaigns with personalised and relevant content achieve conversion rates as much as 5 times higher than messages with no content personalisation. However this requires lots of time consuming content generation which is just not practical due to the level of resources available to your average marketing department,” said Nigel Williams, MD of UK email service provider Emailcenter.

“We have developed a solution called ‘Maxemail Content Generator’ that takes a clients existing RSS feeds, XML product data or website content and enables them to quickly publish this either as a single email or a series of dynamically personalised emails,” adds Nigel.

“This would normally take a marketer a couple of days to achieve this but our generator can now entirely automate this or at worst case take just a few minutes to set-up.”, the UK restaurant booking site are one of the first clients to see the benefits of this tool. Traditionally toptable newsletters have focussed on the London region despite having special offers throughout the UK. The content generator has enabled them to automatically insert offers, reviews and other relevant information based upon each customer’s home or work postcode. The content generator automatically builds around 3,000 blocks of content for each email by utilising the existing toptable RSS feeds, something that would never be feasible manually. The Maxemail dynamic content engine then drops in the relevant content blocks for each recipient. Results from initial sends show that conversion rates for some locations have increased more than 3 fold.

Other users include Simply TV, the Internet TV company who use the wizard interface to choose which news items from their websites should be included in their different newsletters. Each item chosen is then automatically formatted and inserted into their HTML and text templates saving several hours in production time every week.

The generator has been designed to allow custom rules for each organisation for ultimate flexibility and can be utilised on a manual basis or set-up to run on a scheduled basis to ensure the very latest content is delivered within every email campaign.

Further Information
Additional details can be found on the Emailcenter website ( or by contacting Sean Duffy on +44 1327 350921.

About Emailcenter
Emailcenter are a leading email marketing service provider offering the technology, services and expertise for deploying timely and relevant email marketing campaigns.

Maxemail, the email marketing software platform developed by Emailcenter has been delivering millions of emails since 2001 and is now in version 4. Maxemail can be deployed either as an on-demand solution, installed software or as a fully managed service.

Based in the UK Emailcenter provides email marketing solutions to over 400 UK organizations including Saga,, P&O Cruises, National Savings & Investments and talkSPORT.

Contact Information
Sean Duffy, Marketing Manager
Emailcenter UK Limited
T: 01327 350921

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th January 2008