Printing specialist Epson Europe is using the web to strengthen its Digigraphie brand and is rolling it out across Europe.

Epson tasked Manchester digital marketing agency Code Computerlove ( <; ) to create a solution that best delivers market growth. Code has created a single Digigraphie site <; that reinforces the credence of this technique by showcasing work by world leading artists who use and endorse it, and delivers industry leading functionality. Each country's site offers the same look and usability, but has localised content and language. <; is due to go live in January 2008.

Digigraphie is a type of digital art print created with an Epson printer. It is used by some of the world's most renowned artists and establishments, including the Prado in Madrid, to produce the highest quality limited editions of original works of art; each print has a bespoke seal impression to indicate quality and authenticity.

The new Code created site has been designed to grow the market for Digigraphie by showcasing the leading artists and establishments in the world who use this technique.

Code account director Mark Sharp explained: "A core new feature of the site is that, as well as providing source of information about the brand, it offers an online gallery for Digigraphie artists to display their work. Association with the calibre of artists who have reproduced their masterpieces provides Digigraphie with endorsement; shows other artists how to make money out of their art and attracts more people to the site through search. The site is growing the market for the product by getting more resellers interested in it.

"Using 'the pull' of these artists is a fantastic way of selling the process itself - if it's good enough for the best of breed it's good enough for anyone in the art business.

"In addition to showcasing localised Digigraphie work on the home page, visitors to the site can view an entire collection in the online gallery section. A search facility allows users to search for an artist or for key features like work type, theme or whether it was produced by a museum of lab."

Code creative director, Wini Tse added: "The concept behind the 'gallery' design is 'the place where your art deserves to be'. In essence the whole website is themed and based around a modern and credible art gallery. Information graphics, sign posting and general graphical devices and elements will be executed in the same vein as an art gallery. This approach evokes the feelings of prestige, celebrity, expression and exclusivity." <; also provides a central point of information for everything Digigraphie - from how to become a Digigrapher to what the Digigraphie process is and rules of use. It sells its benefits to potential users; explains how to get work reproduced through approved labs; tells users where Digigraphies can be seen; and provides information to outlets that would be interested in buying a printer and becoming an approved Digigraphie lab.

Code Computerlove ( <; ) is a full service digital marketing agency offering website design and build, re-building, maintenance and e-marketing. Formed in 1999, Code currently employs 46 people at its offices in central Manchester. Code's client list includes HMV, Waterstone's, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Transpennine Express, Crown, Lex, Premier Foods, NUS and Hillary's. Visit <; for more information.


For further information please contact:

Regarding website production:

Kirsty Hunt, Code PR, Tel: 07816 876091 / 0161 276 2080 or email:

Regarding Digigraphie:

Karsten Winther, Mkt Development - Epson Europe BV, Tel: +31 6 5127 5637


Digigraphie describes a print created by an Epson Stylus Pro professional printer with UltraChromeT or UltraChromeT K3 inks on certified paper. Each print is authenticated with a number and signature, embossed and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee.
Digigraphie allows photographic artists, painters and museums to create limited, certified editions of their original works of art, using Epson's most advanced print technology. Digigraphie uses standards only available on an Epson printer and has a bespoke seal impression to show artwork set numbers. Artists produce work upon request according to their sales and can revive and increase the value of their artwork by producing limited editions.

Digigraphie was created as a French brand, but is being rolled out pan European. It is becoming increasingly recognised in the world of art, making the Epson name synonymous with the highest quality colour reproduction. The benefit for artists and photographers using DigigraphieR is that they can control the quality themselves, as well as the number of prints produced, ensuring that each one is a perfect reproduction of their original work, capturing the same emotions and aspirations.

Published on: 12:00AM on 5th February 2008