• Increase in Demand for Personal Finance News in 2008
• Demand still strong for Travel Deals via e-mail

Windsor based Utarget Media, publishers of niche consumer websites, today announce it is to begin sending weekly newsletters to its personal finance and travel website publications.

After conducting research among more than 100,000 respective database subscribers of both Financedaily.co.uk and Travelconnect.co.uk, Utarget Media found that there was considerable demand for weekly content updates via email.


Despite weekly travel deals newsletters from popular travel companies such as Travelzoo, Lastminute, Cheapflights and more, the popularity of travel deals newsletters remains high among British travellers.

After sending out a questionnaire to a sample of 1,000 subscribers to Travelconnect.co.uk’s newsletter asking them if they were interested in receiving a weekly travel deals newsletter from the website, the majority of respondents 63% (630) said that they were interested in receiving the weekly deals newsletter.

After analysing the results, Travelconnect.co.uk is to begin sending out newsletters on a weekly basis. Previously the travel deals and guides website only sent out a monthly travel newsletter.

The weekly travel deals newsletter, delivered every Wednesday, will feature a selection of special Editor selected travel deals chosen from hundreds of travel websites, as well as deals from advertising partners.

Dale Lovell, Editorial Director at Utarget Media, explains;

“Our research has shown that despite several deals newsletters now operating in the market, there continues to be strong demand for travel deals content online, delivered via email. We will be focusing our weekly content on travel deals. However, we will also be showcasing our travel guides, videos and hotel review content, too. We are looking forward to offering our travel partners more opportunities to tap into the burgeoning online travel market.”

Additional content in the newsletters will include weekly in-depth travel guides, travel news, video guides and user hotel and holiday reviews.


Research into the trends of personal finance consumers online, conducted by personal finance website www.financedaily.co.uk has shown an increase in demand for personal finance news and advice among internet users in 2008.

Dale Lovell, Editorial Director of Utarget Media, continues:

“Our research has shown that more people appear to be interested in personal finance news in 2008 than they were at the beginning of 2007. The credit crunch, more volatile property markets and a gloomy economic outlook mean that people are paying more attention to their finances this year than last, which has led to an increase in demand for personal finance news.”

As a result of growing demand, Financedaily.co.uk has now switched from sending a money newsletter once a month to a weekly money bulletin.

Continues Dale Lovell;

“A weekly newsletter update lets our subscribers keep in touch with all the latest personal finance news and financial advice in one easy to manage spot. The newsletter will be sent every Thursday and will on one Thursday in the month coincide with the always hotly anticipated Bank of England announcement on interest rates.”

A new feature of the Financedaily.co.uk weekly newsletter will include an IFA of the Week section. The new segment will showcase a particular IFA each week, recommending their particular services to Financedaily.co.uk users. The segment will only be open to paid-for listings from IFAs looking to market their services to more than 120,000 registered subscribers.


Contact: Dale Lovell
Tel: 01753 847 342
E-mail: dlovell@utmedia.co.uk

Photos and logos are available. For more information contact Dale Lovell, Editorial Director, Utarget Media, on 01753 847 342.

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Finance Daily was launched on the back of a popular money newsletter by Utarget Media, part of Utarget Ltd, in September 2006. The site has over 121,000 subscribers and is based in Windsor, Berkshire. www.financedaily.co.uk

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th February 2008