Tamar, the search conversion agency, has built and optimised a new insurance comparison website for Lloyds TSB. Tamar was chosen to develop the site, www.insurance.co.uk, based on the success of the Lloyds TSB ‘Help I’m Flooded’ website, also developed by Tamar in summer 2007.

The site allows consumers to compare car and motorbike insurance policies from 35 insurance firms based on price, policy benefits and, uniquely, strength of service. insurance.co.uk offers a streamlined and user friendly experience from start to finish. The quote process is completed in as few as four online pages, and at the same time makes fewer assumptions about customers’ requirements.

Lesley Oliver, Client Service Director at Tamar comments, “We are delighted to be helping Lloyds TSB to develop a really innovative insurance comparison site and be the first high street bank to move into this market. The success of this project has been based on a team effort between Lloyds TSB and Tamar to develop a functional site that is fun and intuitive, and it is testament to Tamar’s previous success working with Lloyds TSB and in the insurance sector as a whole.”

The insurance.co.uk website also offers a unique ‘my insurance’ personal storage area where all visitors to the site, not just customers who purchase insurance through it, can store details of other insurance policies. In addition, the site includes a forum which allows customers to compare and discuss the listed insurers, an insurer star rating system, and an online driving test which is in line with the DVLA standard requirements.

Steve Grainger, Head of insurance.co.uk, said: “For too long now, consumers have had to make do with comparison sites that offer only some of the information they need to make the right choices. Although there’s no shortage of online services that claim to compare insurance policies, you’d be hard pressed to find one that can truly demonstrate it’s built on a solid understanding of what consumers want. With the help of Tamar, we are going much further than simply offering a comparison on the basis of price. Tamar was pivotal in the development and extremely fast rollout of our Help I’m Flooded website last year and this previous success and the passion and dedication they showed in the project were the reason we chose to work with them again.”

Published on: 12:00AM on 12th March 2008