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Tuesday 1st June 2004, Sheffield UK: PlusNet is proud to announce the full launch of its new residential broadband products. The popular UK ISP has this week unveiled a fresh new look at www.plus.net to complement the launch of their new high-speed broadband product. Broadband Home is now available, starting from just £14.99 per month for a 512k connection and £31.99 per month for a 2Mb connection.

"With PlusNet you get real broadband without a sting in the tail. Other providers are either not delivering a true broadband experience or are not giving users all the support and functionality they need," said Marco Potesta, Marketing Director of PlusNet.

The Broadband Home package starts from just £14.99 per month, allowing 1GB of data traffic. This can be increased when needed (charged at only £1.50 per GB), allowing true flexibility, and Broadband Home Premier at £21.99 per month provides a great value option. For those wanting the blistering performance of even higher-speed broadband, you can choose a 1Mb connection available from only £23.99 per month or a blindingly quick 2Mb connection from just £31.99 per month.

Importantly, all of these services are delivered over the IPStream broadband network, which consistently delivers reliability and a high quality of service for end users. Historically, the Datastream network used by many other providers offering ‘cheap' broadband, has presented quality of service difficulties when managing large numbers of customers. Capacity based charging over IPStream enables product flexibility over a quality broadband network that can support millions of users.

"PlusNet's business model allows us to really deliver the full benefit of the capacity based charging model on ADSL for our customers," said Potesta. "We are currently delivering Internet access to nearly 200,000 users and we are able to scale our platform to over one million users in its current configuration, this ability to scale matched with PlusNet's reputation for quality, choice and value for money makes PlusNet the provider of choice to the discerning broadband user."

New customers will need to buy a broadband modem and will also need to pay a £58.75 activation fee. Those already on broadband with another provider can move to PlusNet free of administration or set-up charge.

"The only barrier to full take-up for broadband now is the exorbitant activation fee that BT continues to charge all ISP's to get people onto broadband. We believe that broadband take-up could well double if this activation fee was removed, with the resulting service income far outweighing the lost activation fee income to BT," said Potesta. "We think its impossible for BT to justify charging £11 to move people from one broadband provider to another, this being a process that can be quite complex, whilst charging £58.75 to just switch someone on," said Potesta.

With PlusNet you get much more than just a connection. A wealth of added value services are provided as standard, such as unlimited email addresses, anti-virus and spam-protection, website hosting and local-rate dial access backup. With support provided 24 hours a day at local call rate, it's no wonder that more and more people every day are choosing PlusNet Broadband.

Get PlusNet Broadband Home now at www.plus.net

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In October 2003, voted ‘Best ISP on the Planet' by Internet Magazine and ‘Best Broadband ISP' by PC Pro Magazine. PlusNet's ability to deliver the best Internet access products at the lowest cost has been recognised, not only by the UK's most respected commentators, but also by Ofcom (formerly Oftel), the UK telecom industry watchdog. In research published on 27th October 2003, Ofcom acknowledged PlusNet as providing the lowest cost residential Broadband ADSL service throughout Europe and the UK. In the 'International benchmarking report of Internet services', PlusNet was shown to offer the lowest cost ‘classic' broadband (512kbps downstream / 256kbpsupstream) service of the many ISPs researched.

About PlusNet

PlusNet Technologies Ltd. ("PlusNet") (http://www.plus.net/) is an Internet Service Provider ("ISP") whose target market within the UK is that of the experienced consumer and business user. PlusNet is part of the Insight Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: NSIT) group and is led by key people who have been involved in the ISP industry for many years.

Through advanced levels of automation and customer self service, PlusNet consistently beats other ISP offerings for quality and value-add, whilst also remaining competitive in terms of mass-market price expectancies. Established in 1997, PlusNet is an independent ISP with its own in-house customer support, application development and network operations centre resources and employs over 110 co-workers.

In addition to Internet Service Provision, PlusNet also provides Web Services solutions, fully managed and unmanaged "ASP style" partnerships / joint-ventures, and also reseller solutions.

See our website for further information, http://www.plus.net/

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st June 2004