WebAbacus, the technology arm of digital customer experience expert Foviance, www.foviance.com today announces the beta launch of an ad tracking service, that responds directly to recent market demands for better control and transparency over online ad placement.

From today, companies will be able to sign-up to a limited beta service and easily track on a daily, weekly or monthly basis where their ads are appearing. Brands can find out whether ad exchanges specifically are placing their ads on unsuitable or inappropriate websites anywhere in the world.

The WebAbacus service aims to address the growing problem of ad misplacement in the online sector. In recent weeks there have been a number of high-profile cases where online adverts from major UK brands have appeared through ad exchanges on unsuitable websites in countries like Pakistan.

This has led to calls by advertisers, media agencies and industry bodies for stronger controls and better self-regulation in the online ad sector, so that brand owners can control where their messages are being displayed.

The WebAbacus solution works by embedding a beacon in each ad, which would then “call home” whenever it is viewed to send back details about itself and the site on which it was viewed. The service will therefore provide valuable market intelligence about how many times ads are clicked-through, and can even provide conversion information.

Sean Burton, product manager for WebAbacus, comments: “Our beta service aims to empower advertisers and media agencies. We were shocked by the recent stories breaking around ad misplacement and felt compelled to respond, knowing that we had the trusted technology base to build on. While the technology we’re deploying is well-tested, its application to this problem is new.

“The WebAbacus tracking solution won’t prevent ads appearing on unsavoury sites but it does hand control back to the advertisers and media agencies by empowering them to identify the problems and quickly react to them.”


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About Foviance

Foviance teams usability consultancy with web analytics to offer one of the world’s most cutting-edge online customer experience services.

The company is the result of the merger between WebAbacus and The Usability Company in April 2005, bringing together the powerful web analytics technology of the former with the usability expertise of the latter. The result is a ground-breaking combination of analytics software and survey technology with Human Computer Interaction (HCI) qualified usability consultancy.

Foviance offers expert usability services, in depth analysis of users’ online behaviour and an innovative Experience Management Programme.

The Experience Management Programme is a European first, providing organisations with a detailed picture of what happens when customers use their digital services, and advice on how to improve this experience.

Foviance boasts 43 of the UK FTSE 100 companies among its client roster, including Barclays Bank, British Airways, BSkyB, HSBC and Tesco.

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th March 2008