lets its users lead its social awareness message

It is common knowledge amongst Internet marketers that social networks and the use of the Internet to raise awareness is growing rapidly, and the people behind are using this platform to get the world thinking, and hopefully, doing. Although this website doesn’t use the internet to market or sell products, it demonstrates the power of groups and causes, proliferating the Internet with social awareness messaging, which is ultimately marketing to a very wide demographic indeed.

When asked what the plans are for the future of One Small Deed, its founder simply said “It is up to the site’s users. It will go where it goes”. Although this may seem unusual from the marketing perspective, it will serve as an interesting study in how users and UGC continues to guide the direction of the Internet.

Marketers need to learn from the behaviour of social groups whose users strongly affiliate themselves with a cause and are passionate about it, as this heightened sense of awareness and belief is precisely the state of mind that marketers want consumers to be in when engaging with their brands.

Have you done any good deeds lately? Go on, be inspirational!

About One Small Deed

One Small Deed is a website dedicated to helping make the world a better, nicer and happier place by providing the environment for people to let the world know the good deeds they have done and to inspire others to do the same.

The philosophy is simple - "If every person in the world did one small good deed for another person every day, then the world would be a better place".

One Small Deed is neither a commercial nor a charitable venture. It is a group of nice people who want to raise human consciousness and spread a positive message.

For more information:

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t 020 8446 3806
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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th March 2008