Following an extensive survey of the marketplace, UK-based firm Intellitracker are introducing a new approach to web analytics.

The web analytics industry is now well over a decade old and has matured significantly over the past few years. The emergence of Google Analytics has created an entry-level product freely available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, which companies have been quick to adopt. Increasingly, web analytics is being seen by business leaders and marketeers as a ‘must-have’.

Following such an intense period of change within the marketplace, leading UK web analytics firm Intellitracker polled a cross-section of
web analysts and online marketeers, to determine how well the industry was meeting expectations.

In particular, Intellitracker focussed on the following themes:

• How do marketing managers perceive web analytics?
• What is the industry doing well and where can it improve?
• Is web analytics delivering on its promise?

Until now, these results were not made public… and they make for very interesting reading …

Firstly, marketing managers believed that the marketplace was filled with a number of ‘me too’ products that looked and worked in a
similar way.

Secondly, they felt that many web analytics tools lacked a true marketing or customer focus… and were either inadequate and/or over-complicated…

Thirdly, most respondents felt that their businesses were being forced to conform to how the analytics industry believed they ought to work with tools that lacked flexibility.

Finally, many respondents feel that their web analytics solution was only focused on ‘volume’ data, i.e. how much of something has
happened, without being able to explain ‘why?’

“The results of this research show that while web analytics is seen as ‘necessary’ by businesses, it has not necessarily been successful
in convincing its most important audience… the marketeer. We’ve tackled this head on… ensuring web analytics succeeds as a marketing platform.,” Mark Wilding, Product Manager.

Intellitracker have achieved this by taking web analytics back to the drawing board, and creating a fresh, marketing-driven approach,
culminating in the latest release of Intellitracker Enterprise, a popular UK based web analytics solution.

Intellitracker Enterprise has, at heart, a number of important themes:

• A wizard based approach to reporting
• Actionable/exportable visitor profiles
• Visualisation techniques… to help explain data and produce results
• Marketing focussed outputs… such as campaign and content delivery

Intellitracker Enterprise was previewed at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising show in February and the response from marketing professionals was dramatic, emphasising the success of the new approaches. Scheduled to ship to new clients in May, Intellitracker anticipate a significant shift in emphasis within web analytics as a result.

“We think we have created something which is radically different. We expect this release of Intellitracker Enterprise to completely
redefine web analytics.” David Hudson, Head of Sales & Marketing.

Existing clients will be given the opportunity to upgrade as part of their service agreement.

Further information for editors:
Intellitracker Ltd was founded in 1997 and is based in London, United Kingdom. The company develops and markets the Intellitracker Enterprise interactive business intelligence suite and provides professional services in support of this. Intellitracker Enterprise is
recognised as one of the leaders in the field of online analytics and is used by organisations including, Daily Mail, Infospace, Loot, M&G, Oxfam and Thomson Holidays.

Contact: Lara Slyfield, Marketing Executive
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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th March 2008