-- Quarterly report shows popularity of context targeting and continued
growth of rich media --

- EMEA / APAC trends overall mirror global numbers -

London, August 6, 2004 -- DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ: DCLK), the leading provider of marketing technology, has published its Q2 2004 Ad Serving Trend Report. In the report DoubleClick reveals that post-impression impact of online advertising still far outweighs post-click impact which substantiates the impact over time of online advertising.

Second Quarter Ad Serving Trends
- Overall click rates stable; large ad size adoption continues to grow
- Rich media grows 34% year over year
- Context most popular way to target ads
- Post-impression activity rates higher than click-through rates

Overall Click Rates Stable; Large Ad Size Adoption Continues to Grow
Average click-through rates for all ads served by both advertisers and publishers were stable Q1 to Q2 at 0.56% but this was a decline of 9% year over year.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) average click-through rates continue to be higher than the global data at an average of 1.09% and have risen 28% from the beginning of Q2 2003, which could reflect the growing sophistication of online advertising creative and placement.

In terms of ad sizes used, leaderboards continue to challenge the banner, growing 384% year over year globally. The standard banner still accounts for the largest portion of all ads served, (30%), a decline of 2 points from Q1 2004. In EMEA / APAC the banner is more popular accounting for 48.4% of all ads served. Skyscrapers are the second most popular size in EMEA / APAC, accounting for a combined 9.1% of ads served. Other newer sizes like leaderboards (2.5% of total) make up a much smaller percentage than in the global numbers.

For a breakdown of all ad sizes, please refer to the full Q2 Ad Serving Trend Report at http://emea.doubleclick.com/uk/.

Rich Media Grows 34% Year over Year
Globally, rich media increased 34% from Q2 of 2003 to over 42% (42.7%) of all ads served in Q2 of 2004. Growth was flat Q2 over Q1, however, which could indicate a maturing of the market for rich media or perhaps a seasonal effect. In EMEA / APAC rich media as a percentage of all ads served is now 42%, a 30% year over year increase.

Context Most Popular Way to Target Ads
DoubleClick’s Q2 Ad Serving Trend Report also shows that the primary way that ads online are currently targeted is by context. Of all ads served by publishers (where most of the targeting is done) 53.4% are targeted by keyword/key value, (how a publisher tags a page so that ads can be contextually served to it). Keyword/key value targeting has long been a popular feature of DoubleClick’s DART for Publishers, allowing web publishers to offer sophisticated consumer segmentation for advertisers. The highly-developed segmentation tool makes DoubleClick a leader in delivering targeted ads within relevant content, generating click-through rates up to 40% higher that the industry standard.

Technological forms of targeting, such as by browser type, time of day, ISP, domain or operating system targeting all account for less than 2% of all publisher served ads. While usage of geo-targeting has gone down online over the past year (7.4% of all publisher inventory in Q2 2003 to 1.8% in Q2 2004), geo-targeting is improving and represents an untapped opportunity.

Post-Impression Activity Rates Higher Than Click-Through Rates
The Q2 Ad Serving Trend Report showed that post-impression activity rates, (actions taken after viewing but not clicking on an ad), are typically higher than click-through rates. In Q2, the average click-through rate for ads served by advertisers was 0.43% as compared to an average view-through rate of 0.73%. According to the subset of ads served by advertisers that tracked response through to online conversion, in Q2 more than six times the number of conversions resulted from view-through rather than click-through activity, (42.5 conversions per post impression activity versus 6.6 conversions per post-click activity).

The DoubleClick Q2 2004 Ad Serving Trend Report contains aggregate data from DoubleClick’s DART for Advertisers and DART for Publishers online advertising serving technology. The data is based on billion of ads served globally for thousands of clients since Q1 of 2003. This report includes global numbers (North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific) along with specific data for EMEA/APAC. For the executive summary, please visit http://emea.doubleclick.com/WEB_ADMIN/documents/dc_q204adservingtrends_0407.pdf

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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th August 2004