More than 50 experts from the world’s most innovative media companies will be speaking at the DNA2008 conference in Brussels on March 3rd and 4th

A major international conference to examine the current challenges facing the media in the digital age will be held next week in Brussels, Belgium.

DNA2008 (Digital News Affairs) is a gathering of 250+ senior editorial and business executives from print and broadcast news media, including organisations such as ART, The Guardian, BBC, Reuters, de Telegraaf and de Volkskrant.

The two day event is an in-depth examination of the potential opportunities and challenges facing media companies that are losing viewers, readers, ad revenue and credibility through their current traditional platforms.

As the world moves over to broadband, nonlinear and video on demand, one of the main sessions ‘Advertising what exactly?’ will tackle how advertisers view the new content landscape. The session will discuss how advertisers are adjusting their working practices and expectations and what they will soon come to expect from media companies and content providers.

Chaired by Kristjan M. Hauksson, Director of Nordic eMarketing (, the session will include speakers Richard Foan, Managing Director of ABCe, Maurits van Rijckevorsel, Business Manager Cross Media of De Telegraaf and Norm Johnston, joint CEO of MindShare Interaction EMEA.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th February 2008