DataSalon’s ‘MasterVision’ works alongside existing databases to create a complete ‘single supporter view’, enabling a wide range of staff to get hands-on with core data.

Oxfam GB announced today that they are introducing DataSalon’s ‘MasterVision’ product – a powerful web-based system combining integration, de-duplication, segmentation, and analysis. MasterVision works alongside existing Oxfam databases for supporters, campaigners, e-commerce, and donations - providing a completely integrated ‘single supporter view’ across all of these systems, and giving marketing and campaigning teams direct access to this wealth of data through user-friendly search and reporting tools.

Oxfam anticipate that the use of MasterVision will further drive supporter insight, enable more highly targeted communications, and lead to increased revenues. There will also be major internal efficiencies: the user-friendly, forms-based interfaces mean that marketing staff will be empowered to work directly with supporter data themselves, freeing up IT resources for more specialist projects.

MasterVision is a managed and hosted service which has been designed for fast deployment. The entire implementation was completed within a month, with over 65m rows of source data fully integrated, and over 150 different fields and variables available for in-depth analysis.

The final system can answer complex search queries within seconds, and is complemented by a visual analysis suite which offers easy-to-use charts and cross tabs, world and UK maps showing the distribution of supporters, and financial reports to track income at an annual or monthly level.

Sioned Jones, Head of Business Support at Oxfam GB said:

“We are really excited by the possibilities that MasterVision has opened up: creating a completely joined-up view of our supporters, and providing really friendly search and reporting tools directly to our marketing and campaigns teams. This will put a much wider group of people directly in touch with our data and encourage lots of creative marketing with plenty of opportunities to increase revenue.”

Jillian Monahan, Marketing Director of DataSalon said:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Oxfam to provide a truly user-friendly view onto to their huge resource of existing supporter data. MasterVision is a clear ‘quick win’ for delivering significant new analysis and fundraising opportunities, and it’s great to see the product embraced so enthusiastically by the end users.”


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Notes for editors

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th February 2008