There is good news for dotcom service providers based in India. One of the premier Affiliate Marketing company, Rupiz Affiliates, has started its operation in India. The company has come all the way from UK, US and Europe.

The entry of Rupiz Affiliates in Indian markets promises many things. First, the web site publishers based in India can avail the services and approach them directly. The company has provided for round the clock communication channel to listen to the apprehensions or any issues publishers and web site owners have.

Second, the company has had a good experience with the advertisers and clients in UK and US. It is a reliable affiliate network, which has been delivering to the merchants, publishers and agencies in different countries. Therefore, the network enjoys a good rapport with the clients at these places.

Third, the network is aiming to further support the online marketing industry in the country (India) and provide an umbrella of services and products. India offers the least expensive services and web resources. The platforms or web sites are nonetheless popular and ideal for marketing and online promotions.

All that boils down to just one thing, that the company can really do wonders by connecting the Indian web site owners or publishers with the advertisers. Also, an overview of affiliate marketing scene in India reveals a favourable atmosphere. There are numerous business enterprises, which need to go for online advertising and online promotions. At the same time, there are ample resources to rely on. Therefore, it is a win, win situation.

Marketing in India is still practised the old way. Alternative media have not made a significant influence. Advertisers still go for the popular media, the results and impacts of which are difficult to quantify or measure. With pay for performance model, the advertisers are expected to be game for the campaigns. It will definitely take time for the Indian business enterprises to realize the impacts of the contemporary marketing techniques. Networks like Rupiz Affiliates will have to act as catalysts for the transformation and until that time comes, the true potential of Indian markets can only be assumed.

About us: Rupiz Affiliates is an affiliate marketing network that provides performance driven affiliate solutions in UK, US, Europe and Indian markets. With a more realistic approach, they bring together the merchants and affiliates belonging to different verticals on the same platform and establish long lasting partnership for mutual benefits.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th February 2008