Overhaul to include re-design of website as company looks to grow its revenues yet further in period of transition for all its members

PPL, the organisation responsible for licensing the use of recorded music for broadcast and in public, has hired Rufus Leonard to develop the company’s overall brand strategy, messaging and positioning at a time when the recorded music industry is going through a period of change and transition. As part of the overall brand re-design, Rufus Leonard will also be designing and developing a new corporate website for the company.

“We are very proud of PPL's achievements over the last seven years. Our close relationship with Rufus Leonard reflects our determination to drive forward a detailed programme of modernisation whilst expanding our remit and range of services on offer. The development of a new corporate brand and website is a fundamental part of this exciting process,” said Fran Nervkla, Chairman and CEO of PPL.

PPL views the development of consistent brand guidelines that are ‘future proof’ as an essential business move, particularly due to the ever growing shifts within the business including developing technology, growing consumer choice, increased use of music in public, new licenses as media evolves, trend towards international and global reporting.

The project has begun with an extensive phase of consultation, starting within PPL and branching out through its broad constituency of music creators, owners and users. Canvassing the opinions of a wide range of senior figures and seasoned commentators – including record label executives, performer agents and representatives, national broadcasters, internet entrepreneurs, and specialist music suppliers – will enable the new branding to reflect a truly 360-degree review of the PPL brand. The brand overhaul is being undertaken to increase the company's overall business moving forward.

“It is great to be working with PPL at a really pivotal time in its development," said Andrew Pinkess, strategy director for Rufus Leonard. "The recorded music industry is going through a challenging time at the moment, but creatively it has rarely been stronger. PPL is doing a vital and successful job in ensuring that musicians get paid for their work, and in championing their rights in the future. Its revenues and membership have been growing impressively, but at the moment this is not widely known. We want to help them communicate this positive message - and others - more effectively, and look to raise its profile as the key player it is, in ensuring the future growth of music revenues both in the UK and internationally.”

About Rufus Leonard
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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th February 2008