-- Company Embraces Authenticated Email Solution to Help Counter Spam, Email Spoofing and Phishing --

London, August 13, 2004 - DoubleClick Inc. (Nasdaq: DCLK), the leading provider of technology solutions for marketers, advertising agencies and web publishers, today announced that its DARTmail email management system is fully compliant with Microsoft’s Sender ID framework. DoubleClick is the first Email Service Provider to announce its compliance with Sender ID. The announcement was made on August 12 2004 at the Email Service Provider Coalition’s (ESPC’s) Sender ID Summit at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Sender ID, which is designed to eliminate domain spoofing and better enable email recipients to identify and filter junk mail, allows the recipient to verify that each e-mail message originates from the Internet domain it claims to come from based on the sender's server IP address. As such, compliance with the Sender ID framework ensures email sent by DoubleClick’s customers will be more easily identifiable as coming from a legitimate source rather than from spoofed domains commonly associated with spam and phishing scams.

“Since the spam epidemic exploded in the past few years, we have always maintained that a solution could only come from a combination of legislation, technology, industry self-regulation and consumer education,” said Ken Takahashi, Senior Director of Email Operations and ISP relations at DoubleClick. “We firmly believe that email authentication solutions, such as Sender ID, will make eliminating spam significantly easier for ISPs, and in turn, increase the value of email for legitimate marketers.”

“Microsoft is fully committed to working with its customers, its partners, and across the industry to help eradicate spam and protect e-mail as an essential and valuable communications tool,” said Ryan Hamlin, General Manager of Microsoft’s Safety Technology and Strategy Group. “We are delighted to see DoubleClick, which represents hundreds of legitimate marketers, embracing this technology and helping us to drive the industry towards a spam-free future.”

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of several years of collaboration between ISPs and Email Service Providers,” added DoubleClick’s Takahashi. “ISPs such as Microsoft should be applauded for not only focusing on eliminating the spam that their customers receive, but also in working with representatives of legitimate marketers to help differentiate their mail from unwanted spam.”

The ESPC’s Sender ID Summit included over 50 Email Service Provider Coalition members who provide mail delivery services to an estimated 250,000 clients, in addition to leading companies and organisations, such as mail transfer agents (MTA), reputation and seal providers, and anti-spam vendors.

The Internet Engineering Task Force is currently evaluating the Sender ID framework drafted by Microsoft Corp. and Meng Wong of pobox.com as a potential industry standard for email authentication to address the domain spoofing problem. For more information about Sender ID, visit www.microsoft.com/senderid.

DARTmail is part of DoubleClick's Marketing Automation Division, which together with the UnityMail email software platform, DoubleClick Enterprise Marketing software and the SiteAdvance web analytics tool provides customer-centric marketing solutions to more than 500 world-class marketing organisations globally including Procter & Gamble, Reuters, J.Crew, Sprint and FedEx.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 13th August 2004