Webjam, the place for you, your groups and your sites, and The Other Side, a new London free-sheet are in partnership to create an online interactive community to take on the big established free London papers and tap an audience of more culturally aware and web 2.0 savvy Londoners. The Other Side will be distributed in and around the areas served by the Northern Line tube service and is also supported with an online community, www.webjam.com/theothersidemag, to allow readers to interact with other readers and journalists. Filled with news, opinion, reviews and events happening around the Northern Line, The Other Side and Webjam aim to bring the London community together.

The brainchild of entrepreneur and editor, Sam Lassman Watts, The Other Side was born in response to what he views as the limited agenda of free papers being handed out in London. Sam said, “There is a certain character about the Northern Line that you don’t get on some of the others. Whether it’s the Camden folk jumping on and off the tube, the constant mix of city boys and tourists at Bank and Charing Cross or the signal failures and delays, it all adds up that the line was crying out for The Other Side.”

Sam continued, “Working hand in hand with Webjam to foster an online community is critical to the way we want to take the magazine. The Other Side is all about bringing people together and allowing them to play an active part in how the magazine develops and is used, not just drip feeding Londoners with the same old titbits of where Jemima Khan went for tea.”

Webjam is the next generation tool in social publishing, allowing any individual, organisation or corporation to give a sense of purpose to their online connections and manage their web presence, from the content they share to the groups they interact with. Webjam is the solution of choice for local communities, interest groups, think tanks or charities which want to easily connect online and share content in a controlled and safe environment.

Yann Motte, Co-founder and CEO of Webjam added, “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re totally behind Sam’s vision and are working closely to make sure we can offer members and readers a truly interactive experience where they play their part in editing and shaping The Other Side both in print and online.”

Yann added, “It’s great to see Webjam being used to create communities by such a huge range of people with such diverse needs, from bringing together the millions of Londoners that use the Northern Line every day to smaller groups including local football teams and knitting circles. It really is putting the internet back into the hands of the people.”

Webjam was recently named as a finalist in the Red Herring 100 Europe 2008 award.

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th April 2008