April 23nd 2008 LeadPoint, the world’s first lead exchange market place, launches Payday Loan Leads.

“Payday lending is the fastest growing UK consumer finance product. By launching into Payday loans we are taking another step on the way to becoming the number one lead generator in the UK,” said Nick Chapman, LeadPoint UK Managing Director. “LeadPoint has been growing very quickly over the last few months and we are already trading over 1500 leads a day with our current Mortgages, Loans, Insurance and Debt products. The addition of Payday Loan leads will see our market continue to grow.”

Payday loans are short term loans usually between £80 to £1000. Typical borrows have an income of between £15,000 and £35,000 but live on a tight budget and a Payday loan acts as the perfect way to make the books balance until the next pay day without having to pay late charges or bouncing cheques. The whole application process can be done online and the loan can be approved very quickly and the funds deposited into their account on the same day. On their payday the repayment amount is debited using the customer’s bank account debit card.

“LeadPoint has already established themselves as a major player in the online payday leads market in the US and with the launch of the payday lead vertical in the UK we hope to achieve the same success,” said Chapman. “Over the coming months we will be launching a number of new products to continue to build our market place and offer lead buyers and sellers in a variety of industries the ability utilise the most efficient and profitable environment in which to buy and sell leads.”

LeadPoint’s technology brings buyers and sellers together in a truly unbiased marketplace. The company ensures a fair exchange by monitoring lead quality and customers themselves. Leads are competitively priced based on bids, performance and ratings by members of the LeadPoint community. The platform allows buyers to change bids in real time, and enables sellers to more efficiently sell leads and to enter multiple verticals simultaneously.

LeadPoint is the world’s first lead exchange marketplace. Buyers efficiently acquire customers and sellers easily increase profits through LeadPoint’s innovative trading platform and marketplace model. The privately held company was founded in 2004 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information please visit LeadPoint on the web at www.leadpoint.com and www.leadpoint.co.uk.

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Justin Rees
Head of Marketing, Leadpoint UK Ltd
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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd April 2008