Social Networking sites like, and are becoming increasingly popular every day.

The United Kingdom has the highest social networking site usage in Europe. Average users are on social networking sites up to 5.8 Hours per Month and heavy users are spending up to 22 hours a month on sites like Facebook. A huge 77.9 percent of the total UK online population are using social networking sites according to Comscore.

Facebook's own statistics indicate that Facebook has more than 67 million active users and an average of 250,000 new registrations per day since Jan. 2007. The U.K. has the most users outside of the United States, with more than 8 million active users.
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Facebook launched a classifieds service, Facebook Marketplace in May 2007. This service provides Facebook users with a channel to buy, sell and trade items online.

Selfserve, the company behind the Shopcreator group of e-commerce website products has integrated with the Marketplace service in order to capitalise on the large amount of traffic passing through Facebook.

Jof Walters, Managing Director of Selfserve said “Products can easily be added to Facebook’s Marketplace directly from our e-commerce system, providing our customers with an additional channel to advertise their products and the benefit of extra website traffic at no additional cost.” Jof went on to say “...with so many people actively using Facebook and thousands more joining everyday it is too good an opportunity to miss.”

Once a store owner has added the Marketplace application to their Facebook profile they are able to manage and upload product information from their Shopcreator store using the new tools provided within the Shopcreator administration system.

Although it is not possible to buy a product directly from Facebook Marketplace a link to the product is featured in the listing, providing potential customers with a method to purchase the products immediately. This enables the store owner to manage the payment and logistics in the same manner as any other sale from their website.

Facebook Marketplace limits the number of classifieds per user account to five. However once a product has been listed on Facebook Marketplace it can be upgraded to an advertisement. Facebook offers cost per click and a cost per view pricing models for advertising campaigns. Setting up a campaign is straight forward and utilises Facebook user’s profile data in order to ensure accurate audience targeting.

The Facebook functionality has been added to all of Selfserve’s packages including the newly released Shopcreator Transact, an entry level e-commerce product with a pricing model based on the monthly turnover of a site, prompting the tag line ‘no sales, no charges’.

For more information visit or contact Shopcreator on 0845 12 11 400.

Published on: 12:00AM on 31st March 2008