Online insurance specialist esure is seeing a significant improvement in the planning of its digital marketing campaigns, by using a unique reporting system which enables it to see beyond the ‘last click wins’ issue for the first time. This new visibility on the effectiveness of each media channel, and how each media assisted in the sale, makes it possible for esure to identify the true value each media channel provides, so that it can now prioritise its marketing budget where it will provide the greatest impact. In addition, it is driving the tailoring of communications to improve their effectiveness.

esure is one of the first companies to sign up to RedEye’s new Media Mix Reporting service. Abigail Murphy, Online Marketing Manager at esure, said: “The depth of understanding and level of reporting that RedEye is able to provide through Media Mix is unsurpassed. The combination of a managed approach and excellent selection of segmented data has enabled us to digest and action previously impenetrable levels of information.

“With the RedEye reporting matrix comparing where a sale starts and ends, we now have segmented analysis of precisely which behaviour evokes a visit to the site, as well as detailed evaluation of traffic that doesn’t convert. Understanding the value of each media is essential for effective ROI in online marketing and something that Media Mix is, at present, uniquely placed to deliver.”

Mark Patron CEO at RedEye comments, “For a financial company like esure, it is believed that the majority of sales will be classed by their systems as having come through the aggregator sites such as and Taken at face value, this information would lead companies to put the majority of their budget into this area and to combine other activity such as banner advertising and search.. However, Media Mix has shown us that less than 15% of online sales result from one surfing session alone, with over 45% resulting through a different medium from the original research tool or channel used.”

Recognising this issue and wanting to be able to plan with ‘real’ information was therefore the key driver for esure in approaching RedEye to provide real planning insight. In addition to solving the ‘last click wins’ issue for esure, Media Mix is also being employed by the company to provide empirical evidence regarding the issue of which search terms provide the greatest return on investment.

Patron adds, “Search companies will tell organisations like esure that it is important for them to own both branded search terms such as ‘esure car insurance’ and also generic terms such as ‘cheap car insurance’ – even though the cost of the latter is very high and conversion rates very low. By using Media Mix, esure will be able to identify whether this is true, or not, for their business.”

To enable esure to translate RedEye Media Mix reporting into action, the service enables consumers to be segmented by channel preference and media use. By unravelling its customers’ online activity the Media Mix service finds which online channels esure’s customers prefer to use.

Patron concludes, “If esure can optimise media spend targeting based on consumer channel preferences, then this can greatly improve its media results, with better channel segmentation making marketing more relevant to consumers.”

RedEye’s Media Mix is the only service of its kind to provide marketers with a fully joined up solution to the ‘last click wins’ debate, providing visibility across all digital channels including email, online advertising and search, and with unprecedented accuracy.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th April 2008