No to Overheads… Yes to New Customers…

With the launch of new online design community, designers now have a unique opportunity to build and expand their online presence, woo new customers from an international clientele, and in general raise their profile - all this with zero risks and zero overheads involved.

The site, whose online application facility goes live today, will launch its online store to a global network of design lovers in Spring 2008, so now is the time for designers working in the fields of homewares & furnishings, fashion, jewellery & accessories, and product design to sign up to take part from the very beginning.

All designers to apply go through an approval process where members of the WeFew Jury, which includes such high-profile names and award winning designers as Mark Gabbertas, Sarah Ireland, Dan Black, Dominic Crinson, and Peter Layton amongst others, rate the applicants to ensure a consistently high level of quality products across the site.

With no joining or membership fees, WeFew truly offers a win-win deal for its chosen designers by taking only a 15% commission on products sold. Designers are completely in charge of their online store, product range, pricing, and order fulfilment. WeFew will take care of the more tedious matters such as financial transactions, and has employed a London-based PR agency to promote the website and individual designers and products internationally, to ensure a continuous flow of new visitors to the site and free media exposure for its members.

What furthermore sets the WeFew site apart from existing, similar ones is its WeCurate programme. Following the ethos that the community should belong to its designers who make it unique, members are invited to join the WeCurate programme, through which they can influence who becomes part of the exclusive community, and by reviewing the work of others, ensure the quality of craftsmanship of the products on offer, help fellow designers improve, learn from them and apply these observations to their own work.

WeFew is the brainchild of American entrepreneur Autumn Gehring, currently residing in Singapore. "I got the idea while I was living in London and discovered that here were all these talented, independent designers, who worked so hard to promote their work, yet - as a design lover - it can be really hard getting your hands on new, innovative products, especially living outside of a major city like London."

And so WeFew was born, launched in part with the financial support of Creative Community Singapore (CSS - an initiative by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts) as an international platform with the primary purposes of bringing together talented designers and design lovers, and providing emerging designers with the support they need to establish and grow their creative business.

Now, the WeFew team of experienced design, marketing and digital professionals are dedicated to building into a respected organisation that empowers designers to succeed and enables design lovers everywhere to purchase unique designs in the comforts of their own homes.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th April 2008