Conchango hosts first real-world Silverlight user group in the UK

Sandals meet sneakers as designers and developers gather for IM workshop

London, 8th April 2007 – Conchango, the business and IT consultancy, has founded the first real-world Silverlight community in the UK for both designers and developers. The consultancy’s interactive media team held the inaugural Silverlight gathering at Conchango’s head office at London Bridge last week.

Attended by over 50 developers and designers, the session was used to present, share and debate experiences and possibilities of Silverlight. Attendees gave demonstrations to showcase experimental design and development techniques rich in features such as RSS and twitter feeds, flickr tags and Deepzoom.

The user group demonstrated the very latest in Silverlight development methodology and application technique. Until now brands have very much been on the back-foot when it comes to creating consumer-facing applications. Silverlight offers a best practice design and development environment for cross-browser and cross-platform applications for online communities and review sites, and as viral marketing tools.

Paul Dawson, head of interactive media at Conchango commented, “We were delighted with the turnout and encouraged that attendees found out about us through our Silverlight Facebook group. Our first meeting was an opportunity for users to share best practice and for us to demonstrate how we’re combining the very best in design and development.

“We’re confident that there’s an appetite for more of these user group events be they face-to-face or online. Indeed, we’re proposing a virtual Silverlight user group (SUG) for developers, designers and user experience experts all over the world. We hope to create a website with the help of user group members where we can host demos and showcase the best professional and amateur design, and debate the merits and potential of Silverlight software.”


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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th April 2008