In a major strategic enhancement of its online operation, Europe’s largest golf retailer, american golf, is employing Mercado’s on-demand site search, navigation and merchandising solution.

Having had a presence on the web for the last six years, american golf has identified a need for online business growth as a key part of its multi-channel strategy, and expects to increase its online revenue five-fold over the next two years.

According to the company’s recently appointed head of eCommerce, Rizwan Rajpoot, a multi-channel approach is crucial to retail success in the future. A strategy in which in-store and online operations are complementary – not in conflict with each other – is key.

american golf is aware that many shoppers research online and buy in-store and vice versa; a realisation that perfectly suits Mercado’s solution. Ultimately it will offer in-store, online and a hybrid ‘pay and collect’ model – allowing its visitors the freedom to shop how they choose.

To achieve this, Mr Rajpoot is overseeing the design of the company’s “world class Web” project, utilising a number of best-in-breed solutions to create a Europe-wide online experience that will allow visitors to “shop as they want”.

From attraction, through to conversion and retention, american golf is assembling a seamless online shopping experience including the latest techniques from SEO / SEM, analytics, user reviews and blogs – through to payment and logistics, with Mercado’s search, navigation and merchandising at the heart of the solution.
Designed to appeal to a broader range of online shoppers, the site will use cookie-led behavioural targeting to drive consumers to relevant products provided by the Mercado merchandising solution.

Mr Rajpoot says, “We have always been innovators and were early adopters of online shopping, but now we realise the need to move to the new era of eCommerce. Our customers are more and more demanding, requiring more content on the site and fewer clicks. The Mercado solution allows us to integrate other applications such as rich media and social computing, and reduce clicks by enabling single page shopping by placing the checkout above the fold, helping to deliver our aim of the ultimate online shopping experience.”

He goes on to say “Mercado is our eCommerce engine, of all the solutions out there, Mercado delivers the support, infrastructure and knowledge to support us going forward. I’ve come across them twice before in previous companies and I’ve always been impressed with the service they provide – it’s a truly consultative approach designed for business users, not technologists. The solution requires minimal development by ourselves, leaving our guys to concentrate on other value add activities. You’re not spending more money by taking Mercado on. Your costs may stay the same, but your returns will improve massively.”

Editor’s notes

Mercado is the leading eCommerce search & merchandising solution provider for multi-channel retail and B2B organisations. By enabling a superior buying experience and equipping business managers with a powerful platform on which to execute merchandising strategies, online businesses can aggressively grow revenue and foster customer loyalty. Arcadia, Blacks and Millets, Charles Tyrwhitt, Majestic Wine, Scotts of Stow, Ted Baker and Zavvi (formerly Virgin Megastores) are some of the companies benefiting from Mercado’s solutions.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th April 2008