Rich Media Integration and Controlled Exposure Result in Increased ROIs and Decreased Operational Costs for Leading Interactive Media Trade Publisher

Raleigh, NC – August 24, 2004 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc. today announced that iMedia Communications, Inc. has extended a long-term contract for AdManager, Accipiter’s premier online ad management solution. As a trade publisher and event producer, iMedia advances the business of interactive media and marketing by serving as the primary conduit between buyers and sellers and to inspire marketers of all types to explore and embrace interactive marketing strategies.

As a large number of iMedia’s top advertisers and subscribers are leading rich media providers, it is crucial for iMedia to be able to support all media formats. Previous vendors were simply not able to support the required variety of rich media formats. Josh Messinger, director of interactive media for iMedia, was initially attracted by AdManager’s ability to serve and track all types of rich media including audio, video, flash and more.

“Our clients are on the cutting edge of the interactive marketing space,” says Messinger. “We need to be able to serve and track any type of rich media ads our clients bring to us, whether it be streaming media or other unique proprietary solutions. We have had customers specifically purchase premium online advertising spots because AdManager provides us with that exact capability.”

Also crucial to iMedia’s decision to switch from a competitive ad management solution to Accipiter’s AdManager was the need for expanded frequency control capabilities. AdManager allows iMedia to control ad exposure at the campaign, ad group, and ad format levels. This level of control is critical to iMedia as it will help them prevent “banner burnout” from occurring on their Web site.

Jeff Wood, Accipiter’s vice president of sales and marketing explains that, “AdManager’s controlled exposure functionality can help iMedia increase their ad effectiveness by setting any variety of limited exposure policies. iMedia can specify any time period for campaigns, ad groups, specific creatives, and ad format types.“ Wood continues by saying, “Almost every customer and prospect we have spoken with recently has expressed that this functionality is a must have for the future of online advertising and we are glad to have already delivered it.”

In addition to rich media integration and controlled exposure functionality, Messinger also sees great value in AdManager’s user interface. iMedia required an ad management platform with as little of a learning curve as possible. “AdManager’s streamlined user environment creates a comfort level for our trafficking team that allows us to get up and running very quickly, as well as resolve most questions and issues internally. This is saving us considerable time and cost operationally,” says Messinger.

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As a trade publisher and event producer serving interactive media and marketing industries, iMedia advances the business of interactive media and marketing by serving as the primary conduit between buyers and sellers, and to inspire marketers of all types to explore and embrace interactive marketing strategies. iMedia Communications produces, the iMediaConnection Newsletter, the iMedia Summit and the iMedia Brand Summit. The company also owns iMediaLearning, a distance learning company serving the interactive media industry. The company was founded in September of 2001 and is a closely held Corporation based in Dana Point, California. For more information, please visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th August 2004