TradeDoubler, the global digital marketing company, today announces the launch of td Integral, its cross-media marketing platform which allows users to track, analyse and optimise their entire online marketing portfolio. Combining the functionalities of td Toolbox and td Searchware 4, td Integral presents a picture of the complete customer journey across affiliate, search and display marketing.

td Integral provides an unrivalled user journey report that plots the progress of a user from initial investigation to eventual product purchase via their click history. This unique offering gives an accurate understanding of how the entire online journey affects consumer buying, giving marketers the opportunity to accurately plan campaigns and deliver far higher performance and results.

Mick Empson, managing director of TradeDoubler’s TD Technology division, believes that td Integral is the answer to the industry’s user journey tracking dilemma: “The industry has long been calling for an effective tracking model that shows exactly how display, rich media, video, affiliate and search interact. Our customers have repeatedly told us that such functionality, now available in td Integral, will deliver maximum impact for their business.”

Through a common tracking system, td Integral allows cross-media management and measurement of campaigns through one login, providing the ability to plan, optimise, report and buy media with greater precision. Users will be able to make informed strategic choices between the most valuable media.

As a media agency looking at the increasing difficulty of managing and measuring the accountability of disparate online campaigns, Bradley Moore, Media Director at blue barracuda welcomes the td Integral launch: “The new media landscape needs measuring differently, and until now nobody has resolved how to do this. The heart of performance is in the accountability of the media and its ability to be optimised. Solutions such as td Integral will enable us to hold to account the various strands of the media mix through insight into the cross-media journey.”

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th April 2008