Raw Garden, the direct retailer of garden furniture, has announced excellent trading results for the first half.

Raw Garden sells garden and conservatory furniture and outdoor equipment via the internet and call-centre, including picnic tables, barbeques, gazebos and lighting.

Year-on-year sales increased 150% and that growth accelerated to 161% in the first three months of the year. Just over half its sales come from its e-commerce website at http://www.rawgarden.co.uk, which is designed, built and hosted by Pindar Graphics (http://www.pindar.com/ecommerce)

Raw Garden’s model is to source quality products and acquire customers via paid search. Over 50% of the traffics comes from Google Adwords, 16% comes from organic search and just under 10% from affiliates. Visitors from organic search have the highest overall conversion ratio, and while MSN search contributes much less, sales conversions are nearly twice that of Google Adwords.

Google Checkout has been deployed on the site, which has contributed to an overall increase in conversion ratios of more than 20% since it was enabled.

Forthcoming plans include using email marketing to boost returning customer sales along with further development of its affiliate programme, operated by Webgain and Existem affiliate management. Given the effective results from organic search, a search engine optimisation project has been kicked off to increase yields.

Raw Garden is also using Google Analytics to improve site sales performance, by monitoring key landing pages and checkout rates.

For further information:

Roger Willcocks,
E: roger@screenpages.com
W: http://www.pindar.com/ecommerce
T: 01932 333592



Published on: 12:00AM on 9th May 2008