has signed up for website analytics tracking and analysis from Site Intelligence for its website, which advertises private clients' holiday properties for rent all over the world.

The website analytics company has installed its VBIS online data analysis software at Holiday-Rentals so the publishing firm can analyse its own data in-house.

Tim Boughton, chief technical officer, said: "Previously we used an application service providers' tracking services and a standard website reporting package, which charged us on the number of people visiting our site and couldn’t cope with the complexity of our worldwide site content.

"We chose Site Intelligence and its VBIS software with an in-house installation so we could take ownership of the data collected and analyse it ourselves - saving cost and time. Additionally we can also connect our various data sources together to extract real business knowledge.

"VBIS is easy to use but also gives us far more meaningful data than industry standard reporting software. We are concentrating on analysing our visitors' conversation rate from browsers to buyers and also where we are losing people in the process."

Previously Holiday-Rentals ( struggled to get inflexible ASP solutions to work in a sophisticated enough way to deal with its holiday property content, which covers 60 countries. It also had a technical problem of losing page-level detail because of the website's template design which has been solved by Site Intelligence.

David Jackson, CEO, Site Intelligence, said: "Holiday-Rentals is typical of companies we encounter who have expensive ASP systems which are priced per page impression and don't provide a sophisticated level of analysis across multiple data sources.

"While some organisations prefer a hosted service because of the volume of data they have, it is imperative that they check the level of analysis provided and whether it will assist their business strategy in the long term."

Site Intelligence is also providing email marketing evaluation to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of Holiday-Rentals' email campaigns.


Site Intelligence ( is a specialist in website analytics, providing detailed analysis of website visitors and their behaviour, enabling its clients to improve their ebusiness strategies.

Based in Oxfordshire, the company develops and markets the industry-leading VBIS software system for analysis of website visitors.

Site Intelligence’s services include:

· Bespoke visitor intelligence software systems
· Visitor auditing and monitoring service
· Expert consultancy on website visitor analysis

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Published on: 12:00AM on 26th August 2004