Random House, one of the UK’s biggest selling book publishers, is supporting the release of its ‘Tate to Tate’ graphic novel with an online campaign through creative digital marketing agency, Hyperlaunch - a member of Digital Marketing Group plc, the AIM-listed digital direct marketing company.

Publishing on 5 June, Tate to Tate is a graphic novel by artist Tommy Penton whose work includes the cover of Embrace’s 2001 album and singles set, as well as promotional work for the Chemical Brothers, Babyshambles, New Order and Morcheeba. In Tate to Tate, Penton gives the reader a view of London that is both familiar and bizarre. The reader follows the progress of a diverse group of people of all ages and races walking along the South Bank, with twenty different storylines unfolding across the pages. Tate to Tate also works as a guide book with each landmark building accurately drawn and arranged and a short history of each place in the opening and closing pages.

Hyperlaunch’s brief was to help drive awareness and sales for the book, primarily with Londoners, art enthusiasts and creatives.

At the centre of the campaign is a website (www.tate2tate.co.uk) containing information about the book and author and a link to buy from The Random House Group website. A competition offers the chance to win a limited edition, hand-made version of the book, including a piece of original work by the artist. Entrants are challenged to put their artistic skills and knowledge of the South Bank to the test by recreating a section of the walk along the Thames using an application created by Hyperlaunch and then uploading their entry to Flickr.

The site will be supported by an online PR campaign which, to date, includes an interview with Tommy Penton on Artrocker (www.artrocker.com) scheduled to go live on 2 May, a question and answer session with Penton on Waterstones’ website (www.waterstones.com) from 9 May, and a competition to win copies of the book and tickets for the Tate on Entertainment Wise (www.entertainmentwise.com) from mid May. Penton’s top five albums, books and films will also be featured as a Celebrity Top Five on Poll the People (www.pollthepeople.com) in mid June.
Hyperlaunch will also use its buzz marketing expertise to identify, engage and establish dialogue with influencers and potential advocates – moderators and active posters and bloggers - within message boards, forums, social networks and blogs such as www.kultureflash.com, http://flavorpill.com/, www.deviantart.com, www.amateurillustrator.com, www.pixeljoint.com and www.crossmind.net.

Roger Bratchell, marketing director at Random House commented, “This is a fantastic campaign using multiple touch points to help drive awareness and encourage sales for Tate to Tate. The competition element is a great hook that will appeal to and engage our target audience with the book, and with Hyperlaunch’s buzz marketing and online PR we’re looking forward to achieving massive reach.”

Other projects Hyperlaunch has worked on for Random House include a viral game to promote the latest Chuck Palahniuk novel, Rant (www.randomhouse.co.uk/rant) and a website and brand movie to support the launch of its Vintage Classics range (www.vintage-classics.info).
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Published on: 12:00AM on 14th May 2008