Just when you’re getting your head around the concept of web 2.0 and all the connotations that go with it, another buzzword pops up with something new to learn! This time it’s the turn of PR 2.0.

KMP’s Chairman, Bill Daring explains,”The PR industry has historically been very traditional, and whilst other brand-based communication disciplines have embraced the web 2.0 revolution, PR seems to have been left behind.”

However, thanks to KMP, PR is about to be liberated with an innovative tool kit of sophisticated online press rooms, highly optimised social media releases, and blog technology.

“We are not looking to replace the traditional PR role”, says Daring, “but this dynamic toolkit can really strengthen a company’s outbound communications strategy by reaching users that current techniques don’t reach”. KMP’s online press room (PressRoom) is bursting with functionality, and acts as the hub for all internal PR activity.

PR agencies will have password controlled access to a “stable” of client press rooms and each instance of PressRoom will feature:
• Complete company profile with key contacts and links to online profiles
• Downloadable company press kit and assets
• Press release archive
• Social Media Release technology with
- Distribution tools such as RSS and feeds to press distribution sites
- Easy export of content to email marketing systems
- Links to social networks e.g., facebook, myspace, digg, del.icio.us etc
- Links to media sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube
- Tag clouds and Technorati tags for esy identification of popular references
• Search facility to track web publication of article with similar content
• Tracking of user engagement e.g., number of releases downloaded, number of flickr photos downloaded, YouTube videos viewed etc
• Advanced method of generation of metadata (Reuters Calais term extraction service)
• Use of microformats for enhanced searchability of the content
• Sitemap optimisation for Google and Yahoo news robots
• Client access to their own press rooms

Social media releases provide agencies with the tools to easily distribute information and multimedia via social media sites, RSS and feeds, enabling a much broader automatic distribution of publicity content.

To learn more about PR 2.0, KMP will be hosting 2 half-day seminars on the topic of “The Future of PR Technology.” These will be taking place on the 10th June in Manchester, and the 25th June in London.

For more information, please contact Zoë Colclough (zoe@kmp.co.uk) or call on 0161 4291491.

Published on: 12:00AM on 20th May 2008