UK’s Leading Online Direct Marketing Company Transitions From In-House AdManager to Hosted AdManager While Maintaining Customised Data Targeting Solution

London, UK and Raleigh, NC – September 1, 2004 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc. today announced that PDV, one of Europe’s largest online direct marketing companies, is migrating to Hosted AdManager, Accipiter’s hosted ad management technology. As the key foundation of its business, PDV utilised in-house AdManager as a solution that would allow them to easily integrate their ad serving needs with a database containing over 1.5 million registered users. By migrating to Hosted AdManager, PDV chose the most reliable hosted solution that also allows for unrivalled real-time user registration database updates, both critical components of their unique business needs.

PDV is an online direct marketing company specialising in permission-based marketing and creates responsive online consumer audiences delivering profitable campaign results to its clients. PDV’s 4 sites account for over 25% of all UK Entertainment/Competition site traffic (source – Hitwise July 2004). The company is the 7th largest Direct Marketing List Owner in the UK (source – Marketing Direct March 2004). In August 2002 PDV became the first European company to award a £1m cash prize for a free online game. Entry to the sites is on a ‘Fair Exchange’ basis in which consumers volunteer demographic information and opt into DM messages in return for the chance to win prizes. PDV stores this vast amount of information (including age, gender and interests) in a registration database that is then used to segment audiences based on demographics and sold to advertisers.

Robin Tudball, director of operations at PDV, explains, “We rely heavily on the real-time user registration database capabilities provided by Accipiter’s Hosted AdManager. This technology allows us to deliver the most highly targeted demographics-based advertising campaigns available on the market – something our clients recognize as a key factor in making the most of their advertising spend.”

While operating and maintaining its registration database reliably and in real-time was paramount to PDV’s decision to migrate to Accipiter’s Hosted AdManager, other key factors also weighed heavily in their selection. “Accipiter’s level of professionalism and high degree of customer service has allowed our teams to build a very good working relationship. PDV trusts that Hosted AdManager’s robust capabilities and Accipiter’s ability to consistently deliver what we need will help bring us to the next level in our online advertising efforts,” commented Tudball.

PDV’s use of Accipiter’s ad serving technology and services is unique in the industry in that it demonstrates the integration of multiple technologies to deliver a complete, outsourced solution. Mike Keaton, director of European Operations for Accipiter says that, “Once again, Hosted AdManager proves to be one of the most flexible ad serving applications available. Hosted AdManager has allowed PDV to move to an outsourced solution with no re-training required or loss of existing campaign data. Accipiter’s technology develops and grows with our customers as their business model and needs change, allowing them to benefit from our 8 years of experience delivering innovative ad management solutions. Our real-time database registration capabilities are just one of many features helping our customers generate higher revenue.”

About PDV
PDV is an online direct marketing company specializing in permission-based marketing. PDV creates responsive online consumer audiences delivering profitable campaign results to its clients. The PDV audience database includes demographics (e.g. age, gender, marital status), specified interest (e.g. travel, music, fashion, home shopping) and online behaviour (previous response history by media). Consumers are recruited through strategic partnerships with companies such as MSN and Wannadoo. They register with PDV's range of consumer entertainment sites which are fast, free & fun and all based on the same transparent 'fair exchange' policy in which consumers agree to view advertiser messages in return for chances to win prizes. For more information, please visit

About Accipiter

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Accipiter has been a pioneer and leading developer of online advertising solutions and services since 1996. With offices worldwide including the U.K., Italy, Scandinavia, and Singapore, Accipiter provides global solutions for over 300 customers in 26 countries. Accipiter executives are respected as industry thought leaders, and strive to develop industry standards through work with organizations such as the Internet Advertising Bureau and the Online Publisher’s Association. Accipiter offers two ad management solutions: a site-side software solution, AdManager V7, and a hosted, outsourced solution, Hosted AdManager. Accipiter also leads the industry with over five years of experience in implementing behavioural targeting technology. For general information, please visit


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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st September 2004