ServiceTick today announced Norwich Union, RAC and Standard Life’s intermediary channel as clients for its revolutionary instant customer feedback service. Both RAC and Norwich Union have already run successful pilots with ServiceTick and have made significant improvements to the performance of their ecommerce sites.

Patrick Smith, CEO of Swintons and founder of web-based insurance company ‘its4me’, is chairman of ServiceTick and believes it offers a unique insight into what the customer is thinking:
“In many marketplaces the only way that brands can differentiate themselves nowadays is by offering outstanding customer service. As a result we have seen a huge interest in ServiceTick as it helps companies understand what clients are thinking at the precise moment in time when their brand really means something to the customer – when the customer is on the receiving end of their services. Interest has been generated from a number of blue-chip companies in the UK and Australia and we have already delivered projects for Diageo, Norwich Union, UK Facilities, NTT Verio and RAC.”

ServiceTick is an independent research service that offers one of the most cost effective methods of obtaining immediate insight and feedback from customers engaging with brands through the web, contact centres or branch operations. It achieves this by exploiting new web-based and IVR technology to capture customer feedback at the actual point of experience.

A continuous stream of information is carried back to an online data management console, which lets clients benchmark service levels across brands, distribution channels, products, call center teams or even individuals. The console also contains an alert tool to identify and rescue at-risk customers instantly.

ServiceTick has a number of unique attributes that give it a significant edge over other feedback tools:
• ServiceTick works across all the access channels a customer might use (web, contact center and branch) and is not just limited to one of these So over time, it helps build up a true picture of customer service levels across the entire company.
• ServiceTick elicits immediate feedback at the point of experience and identifies at-risk customers. Alerts can be sent to Contact Teams to ‘rescue’ disgruntled customers.
• ServiceTick is integrated with clients’ websites. It is less obtrusive than pop-ups and collects feedback from customers via email. This improves response rates and allows customer feedback to be segmented in a number of useful ways.
• ServiceTick can be used with all a company’s customers rather than just a sample – giving more accurate results. ServiceTick can also capture customer verbatims bringing a real depth and richness to the feedback.
• Surveys can be changed and live in minutes (including IVR surveys) – offering a degree of flexibility unmatched by competitors.
• The intelligent IVR solution allow randomisation of questions from a larger question bank and offers additional question selection based on customer response.
• ServiceTick contains a coaching module, where real customer feedback can be used as the basis for a coaching programme between Call Handler and their manager.
• ServiceTick can support marketing development programmes by getting instant reaction from customers on price and proposition changes and measuring effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.
• For the financial sector, ServiceTick has been developed with the FSA’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ initiative in mind – customer experience/satisfaction is tracked over time and contact teams are able to record what action has been taken with dissatisfied customers.

Stephen Doran, Director of Innovation at Aviva, owners of Norwich Union and RAC comments “Service Tick allows Aviva to capture wonderful insights from our customers. The feedback we are getting from customers feels more honest. The simplicity of the interaction with the customer gives us the volume of feedback which is exceeding levels compared to other insight programmes, which do not provide the volume and are far more expensive. Given the expected cost of deployment, the business case blows apart our current insight programs”.

ServiceTick can be contacted on 01603 618 326

Notes for editors

ServiceTick is an independent research service that lets companies listen to what customers are really thinking about their products and service. It offers one of the most cost effective and immediate methods of obtaining real-time insight and feedback from your web and call centre customers.

ServiceTick delivers an email or IVR message to all prospects and allows them to deliver an instant verdict on the service they have received. Companies receive the feedback in real-time, giving an invaluable opportunity to immediately address any issues. The continuous stream of insight is captured in the ServiceTick online console, which lets users benchmark service levels across brands, distribution channels, products, call centre teams or even individuals within the call centre teams. The console also contains an Alerting tool, which can identify and rescue at-risk customers instantly.

With typical customer response rates running at over 55% from an opened email, ServiceTick also helps companies see what the majority of customers are feeling – rather than the vocal few who tend to respond to more traditional feedback mechanisms.

For more information please contact:
Paul Yallop or Kevin Goodings on 01603 618 326
Thomas Cowper Johnson on 07850907132

Published on: 12:00AM on 25th April 2008