ADSL2+ high performance, broadband with ‘Assured Real-Time Bandwidth’ for SMEs

Nildram, the leading business broadband service provider, today announces the launch of its new portfolio of services specifically designed to bring higher-spec ADSL2+ products to small and medium sized businesses at lower prices. The range of packages provides different performance options and service levels tailored to meet the incremental needs of businesses from 10 to 250 employees in a range of sectors.

Nildram’s Enhanced Care option also offers businesses the security of the best fix time on faults in this sector for just £10.56 a month. In addition, the company provides 24/7 business-grade support from its in-house UK customer support operation.

The service portfolio offers, at the top end, ‘Premium Plus’ ADSL2+, ‘up to’ 16Mb broadband with 500Kbps ‘Assured Real-Time Bandwidth’ for guaranteed sustained performance of critical business applications at £49 a month. This product is ideal for larger multi-site operations relying on broadband for critical voice, video and data applications.

Also, both based on ADSL2+ technology, ‘Premium’ offers 200Kbps ‘Assured Bandwidth’ and ‘Pro’ provides high speed up to 16Mb broadband for smaller or single site businesses. ‘Premium’ and ‘Pro’ are available at £32 and £19.50 a month.

Nathan Francis Managing Director of Nildram says; “In this market, none of our key competitors can offer ADSL2+ products or ‘Assured Bandwidth’. The next best competitive products available in the market could cost you up to £79 a month for an 8Mb product without ‘Assured Bandwidth’.

‘Lite’ and ‘Lite2Go’ complete the portfolio, offering businesses the additional home worker’ solutions based on ‘up to’ 8Mb broadband with optional static IP for connection to the company VPN.

Francis continues; “Our customers across many sectors demand high performance, reliability, quality and top-notch support and it is great that we can bring them the best business broadband in technical terms as well as great value. Business broadband just got faster, smarter and cheaper.”

Aimed at professional home workers, offering:
up to 8Mb downstream 
448Kb upstream 
100 MB of Webspace
5 Pop Mail addresses
optional static IP address
optional CPS voice package 

For small businesses, offering:
up to 16Mb of business grade traffic downstream 
up to 1Mb of upstream traffic 
100MB of Webspace
unlimited downloads

Premium/Premium Plus
For larger businesses, offering:
up to 16Mb of downstream 
up to 1Mb of upstream traffic 
100MB of Webspace
Assured Real Time Bandwidth. 
200 Kbps with ‘Premium’ and 500 Kbps with ‘Premium Plus’.

Published on: 12:00AM on 25th April 2008