Levi's® Europe launches the digital part of the 501® with Anti-Fit Fall campaign which incorporates TV, Print, OOH, Cinema, and Retail – at eu.levi.com

The 501® with Anti-Fit message has been promoted online throughout the year through continuously enhanced content and features, across a variety of digital channels, across Europe.

This second phase marks a shift in content approach: From giving users cute, cool, and quick experiences in the form of use-once-and-throw-away little games and widgets, the content will now be expanded with a focus on applications that enable greater interaction with the brand and between the users themselves, over a longer period of time.

An example of this new application approach is the Levi’s® Video Mixer (vmx), available from eu.levi.com and introduced in the spring, but now significantly upgraded. Not only is the dictionary of this innovative video messaging tool extended to a whopping 1,000 words and over 4,000 unique video clips. In addition to the messaging mode there is now a conversation mode which allows the two stars of the ads to talk to each other, leading to some amusing exchanges.

Another example, launching in mid September, is the Levis® Mobile Audio Mixer (max) - a mobile phone "utilitoy" that can be downloaded from the eu.levi.com website. The app gives users prearranged musical building blocks, and a sound library, to facilitate quick and easy production of tunes for playback on mobile phones and for use as mobile phone ring-tones.

An enhanced version of this mobile tool is planned for October and takes the user experience and value to a new level. Levis® Europe will be looking to promote the max later in the fall 2004 with on-site activity to encourage people to make tracks in a collaborative manner with their friends.

To further support the 501® jean with Anti-fit proposition, eu.levi.com of course sports an entirely refreshed 501® section, designed with a visually strong style as original as the product it promotes. The product itself comes in a range of new washes, which can be found here, along with the TV ads, Film of The Film, fun and games, a comical explanation of ‘Anti-fit’ and more.

The site also continues to act as a platform for the affiliates across Europe to offer news and other content to their local audience.

“The site and the new features are fundamental to add value to the brand, and build a closer relationship with our audience; I feel we’ve done this in a way that only digital media can.” Said Helene Venge, Digital Marketing Manager for Levi’s® Europe.

All components of the digital campaign are developed by Levi's® Europe’s digital marketing agency Lateral.

“We’ve entered a new phase of our strategy. Not only is the application approach congruent with the Levi’s® ethos, but, when brand building online, applications like the vmx and the max are relevant, fun, talkable and more interesting because they’re simply more useful for the audience.” Said Jon Bains, Chairman of Lateral.

If you require further information on Levi’s® Europe, or wish to interview Helene Venge, Levi’s® Europe Digital Marketing Manager, please call Karen Durham-Diggins on +44 (0) 20 8989 2541 or email kdd@easynet.co.uk

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Levi's® Europe continues their focus on innovation in digital media for Fall 2004 by adding a number of new features to its European website, http://www.eu.levi.com, aimed at their target audience of 15-24 year old girls and guys.

The site, developed by Levi's® Europe’s digital marketing agency, Lateral, has already won a bronze Cyber Lion and a BIMA.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd September 2004