Enables Marketers to Make Business-Critical Decisions with Powerful, On The Fly Analysis

Coremetrics, the leading provider of digital marketing optimisation solutions, today announced its new product release, Coremetrics Spring 2008. This new and innovative offering empowers online businesses to take immediate action to optimise their digital marketing initiatives in a highly visual, user-friendly way.

Coremetrics Spring 2008 delivers a powerful new application for ad-hoc web data analysis, Coremetrics Explore™. Explore enables marketers to independently analyse and explore data across all their campaigns and web properties at an extremely granular level, including custom reporting on the attributes of individual Web page elements.

Explore’s advanced filtering and segmentation capabilities allow marketers to view the specific data elements that are most important to their business. Explore also supports attribute reporting, which enables analysis of Web data based on the characteristics of an individual page, product, transaction or event rather than on generic campaign performance or superficial click-throughs. This also includes the ability to rapidly evaluate and analyse a variety of web 2.0 rich internet applications, such as Flash.

For example, media sites can analyse and segment visitor behavior based on the specific, tagged attributes of a certain page, such as whether people search for a specific author, genre or language. In an e-commerce environment, this could mean filtering products such as shoes by brand, type, color, size or price, among other meta-data attributes.

"We are delighted to be working with Coremetrics on the development of the Explore analytical tool.” says Gloria Goldstein, Head of E-commerce, Pentland Brands. “This has quickly offered us extra dimensions in our investigative reporting and enables us to better understand our consumers' behavioural patterns."

Coremetrics Explore allows digital marketers to dive deeper into the data that is most valuable to them and to their specific business needs in an easy and efficient manner. Dynamic graphing and reporting capabilities give marketers and executives a highly visual and impactful representation of business data, allowing immediate action to be taken to adjust and refine their initiatives. Explore also eliminates the need for existing Coremetrics clients to add new tags to their Web pages—a time-consuming effort often requiring intensive IT support.

“The ability to carry out detailed, ad-hoc reporting means you can stay one step ahead, as you can analyse your specific business needs and take immediate action to improve results and ROI,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer at Coremetrics. “We provide a suite of standard reports with Coremetrics Online Analytics, but many businesses need to answer unique questions about their campaigns. Marketers need to be able to slice and dice the data in real time and in many ways to get at the answers to these questions. However, this shouldn’t have to be a laborious or overly complex process or require specialised resources or a consulting engagement. This type of analysis should move at the speed of your business.”

Coremetrics Spring 2008 also includes the launch of Enterprise Dashboard, enabling marketers to track and analyse key performance indicators over multiple sites. Intuitive, customisable and continuously updated, Enterprise Dashboard provides improved access to holistic business data and allows for better-informed decision-making and more successful online campaigns. Enterprise Dashboard provides a variety of viewing options to handle multiple comparisons in real-time, including multi-currency and multi-country data that can be used for instant analysis and then stored for subsequent review.

Coremetrics Spring 2008 also includes enhancements to several Digital Marketing Applications:

· Enhancements to Intelligent Offer enables retailers to get even better lift on cross-sells, by easily building sophisticated recommendation rules based on categories and on product attributes, such as product margin, price and colour. Once rules are defined, marketers can apply them to specific products they wish to target.

· Coremetrics Search now supports management of text and display ads on extended content networks with major players in the space, such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. With this enhancement, ads managed in Coremetrics Search can be placed on many leading multi-media content sites and Web properties including sites such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal Online and MarthaStewart.com. This gives digital marketers the opportunity to reach over 80% of worldwide Internet users through extended distribution channels. Moreover, enhancements to bid management rules – including the ability to create bid rules based on whether a keyword serves to acquire net new customers, or based on bounce rate – provide marketers with a strategic weapon in a competitive bidding environment.

· The Coremetrics Connect platform is enhanced in the Spring 2008 release with the addition of the Connect Profiler, which gives Coremetrics customers a library of best practices that contains integration documentation at the partner class level. More than 25 certified partners are represented.


About Coremetrics
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Coremetrics’ solutions encompass advanced online analytics and precision marketing applications, including search engine bid management, email marketing and cross sell applications to acquire customers more cost effectively, increase conversion rates, and increase lifetime customer value. Clients have recognised over $300m in documented ROI and 87 per cent of clients recognise ROI in 12 weeks or less. The company is privately held with funding from Accel Partners, FTVentures, and Highland Capital Partners. Coremetrics Europe is headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire with offices in France and Germany and corporate headquarters in San Mateo, California. To learn more about Coremetrics, visit www.coremetrics.co.uk or call 01753 272 220.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th May 2008