Squiz UK today announced the introduction of its new 'Data Value Program', which is specifically designed to help MySource Matrix clients fully realize the business value of their new sites during the all-important system migration part of their web development project.

Based on a range of successfully completed MySource Matrix implementation projects at Boots Healthcare, Oxford University and Informa, the Data Value Program takes a customer's existing data assets and transforms them so that they begin life in the new web site completely primed for essential functionality such as SEO, search, usability, accessibility, content extensibility, analytics, scalability and improved administration processes.

Starting from the premise that a site can only ever realize its business goals if its raw data assets are in the best possible shape, the Data Value Program takes the target data through an intensive program that covers the following three steps: Data Value Analysis; Data Extraction and Enhancement and Data Re-Implementation, Test and Go.

"We're really excited about this new service offering and what it will mean to customers old and new," said Steve Morgan, Managing Director of Squiz UK. "Essentially, data quality is fundamental to any systems ability to hack it in the real world. Think e-commerce integrations, content syndication and SEO. None of these things will work properly if your data set is broken."

"Our new Data Value Program is essentially a blood transfusion for our customer's web sites. It simply identifies the right 'windows and opportunities of change' for your data during the development process, and then applies a bunch of cool data quality methods to ensure everything is primed, pumped and ready for action before the new system goes live."

Further information about the new service can be found at: http://www.squiz.co.uk/datavalue

About Squiz
Squiz helps some of the UK’s leading organisations to gain more control of their web sites and intranets. For example, Oxford University, The Royal College of Nursing and Informa all use Squiz’s MySource Matrix Content Management System to manage the publication of their websites and intranets. In doing so they’re saving money, improving the services they’re delivering to users, and gaining more control of their web development.

We develop MySource Matrix as an open source product and then provide support services around it to help our clients get more value from their web spend. We’re kind of like the Red Hat of the CMS world. Our approach is successful because of the strength of our CMS and our experience in diverse fields. We’re also cost-effective because being open source, MySource Matrix costs nothing to acquire or use.

Published on: 12:00AM on 16th June 2008