Emailvision customers can now take advantage of a certified delivery
of their emails at AOL, BT and Yahoo.

Emailvision, the European leader of 'on demand' software for email marketing, officially announces today its partnership with Goodmail Systems, the CertifiedEmail Accreditation Programme, a premium class of trusted email. This agreement allows Emailvision to offer a 100% assured delivery of their emails to AOL, BT and Yahoo inboxes. Emailvision customers can use this service free of charge until the end of 2008, once they successfully pass the Goodmail’s strict accreditation process.

The technology of Goodmail ensures a 100% Inbox delivery to AOL, BT, Yahoo and other major US ISPs, bypassing content, volume and anti-spam filters. This technology also activates images, hypertexts links included in the creative by default. Moreover, a CertifiedEmail envelope image (aka Blue Trust Seal) tells the recipients that the message can be trusted and is legitimate. These unique features often increase call-to-actions responses.

The primary goal of Goodmail CertifiedEmail is to restore trust between legitimate email senders and recipients. Email Senders have to pass a preliminary accreditation process to check that their mailing practices comply with best practices and validate that complaint rates are lower than the allowed limits.

"All actions implemented by Emailvision to provide an optimal deliverability rate of email campaignsare reinforced with the new partnership with Goodmail Systems" says Nick Heys, President and founder of Emailvision. "We offer our customers the possibility to benefit from a free service until the end of 2008, a unique service ensuring them the integral and perfect delivery of 100% emails to AOL, BT and Yahoo inboxes".

"Helping customers to improve their email campaigns’ ROI is a priority for Emailvision. Therefore we are pleased to offer this service to our European customers and ensure that they increase the deliverability rate of their messages" concludes Nick Heys.

“We are very proud to add Emailvision – a highly respected provider of email marketing solutions in Europe – as a CertifiedEmail Premier Provider,” said Jos Burger, Managing Director for Goodmail. “We look forward to working with Emailvision to deliver the CertifiedEmail programme and demonstrating the enhanced consumer responsiveness that it can deliver.”

About Goodmail Systems

Goodmail Systems makes CertifiedEmail™, the industry standard class of trusted email. CertifiedEmail provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic messages from legitimate commercial and nonprofit senders. Each CertifiedEmail is sent with a cryptographically secure token that assures authenticity, and is marked in the inbox with a unique blue ribbon envelope icon, enabling consumers to visually distinguish messages which are real and sent from senders with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. Available to senders meeting strict standards for best
email practices and low complaint rates, it is the only class of email available that assures delivery of all opt-in email messages to the inbox, with links and images automatically rendered intact, yielding
measureable improvements in email program effectiveness. CertifiedEmail has been adopted by seven of the nation’s top ten mailbox providers and is used by over 500 commercial brands, 150 government agencies and many non-profits. It is supported in North America and the United Kingdom by a wide network of email platforms and service providers. For more information, please visit

About Emailvision

Emailvision is the European market and technology leader in “on-demand” software for e-mail marketing automation. The Emailvision flagship product, Campaign CommanderTM, has become the benchmark software service for the E-commerce and publishing industries. With a staff of over 100 and offices in the major European markets including France, Germany, UK, Benelux and Switzerland, Emailvision is driving an offensive sales and market share strategy in a high growth market.

Emailvision is listed on the NYSE Euronext Alternext Stock Market
Code ISIN: FR0004168045 / MNEMO: ALEMV

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Published on: 12:00AM on 18th June 2008