Hadlow College have engaged website management company, FreshEnterprise, and NeoWorks, the software solutions company, to develop an intranet for their staff and students. FreshEnterprise will take on the management of the project and NeoWorks will be responsible for the technical architecture and development of the software behind the intranet.

Hadlow College puts the promotion of technology and catering to the technological needs of the students and staff as high priorities in their development, thus creating the driving requirement behind the creation of the new intranet system - a centralised internal resource for staff and students.

Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Director of Finance and Resources at Hadlow College explains;

“The development of a new intranet will not only improve standards and accessibility for students, but will also reinforce our position as a College that is always on the cutting-edge of technology.”

“FreshEnterprise and NeoWorks have a reputation for excellence in making complex solutions straightforward to use. That fact alone made it an easy choice for us to select them as partners in this project.”

Gregory Kris, Director of FreshEnterprise, says;

“We know that one of the main deciding factors for Hadlow College in choosing us a partner in this project is our extensive knowledge and experience of working in the education sector. But it’s not just a case of selecting us because ‘we’ve done it all before’. We are working with Hadlow to create a progressive solution; tailored to their requirements - something that will be a showcase for them in years to come.”

Nigel Atkinson, Director of NeoWorks, agrees;

“What we’re creating for Hadlow will be the stand out solution in the sector – it will set a new benchmark in intranets for all academic institutions. The key to its success is to make it an interactive tool that every student can use and profit from, regardless of their level of technological know-how.”

“Simply put, our challenge is to create a one-stop-shop, fulfilling all students’ needs with regards to course and college information. It’s a challenge that we’re sure to meet.”

For further information on NeoWorks or this project please contact Karen Durham-Diggins, KDD PR: on 020 8989 2541 or email kdd@easynet.co.uk

Hadlow College - http://www.hadlow.ac.uk
Hadlow College delivers excellent, accessible education and training in land-based subjects for all who want to learn. Situated in the heart of Kent, Hadlow is fast becoming the most popular agricultural college in the UK and already has the most visited website in the sector.

FreshEnterprise Limited - http://www.freshenterprise.com
FreshEnterprise is the premier website management company in Europe. For over five years they have worked on behalf of their clients to help them get the most out of their websites, both commercially and technically, with the emphasis on using technology in order to increase revenue and brand exposure.

NeoWorks Limited -  http://www.neoworks.com
NeoWorks develop, deploy and support high quality software solutions. A focus on well designed and maintainable software ensures performance, scalability and low total cost of ownership. NeoWorks have over five years of experience developing content management, e-community, e-business and desktop application solutions.

Published on: 12:00AM on 14th September 2004