Little Chef supports major brand campaign with viral through Hyperlaunch

Little Chef, one of the UK's favourite roadside restaurant chains, is marking its 50th anniversary, which will see the launch of a new menu concept by Heston Blumenthal to be featured in a Channel 4 documentary later in the year, with a major integrated marketing push.

Digital creative marketing agency, Hyperlaunch - a member of Digital Marketing Group plc, has created a viral game as part of the online element of the campaign.

Little Chef is an iconic British brand and perceived by many a national institution. The ‘Bring Back’ campaign aims to re-energise the brand to make it more relevant to today’s customers by improving consumer perceptions, whilst retaining the well loved values and affection Little Chef enjoys.

Throughout May, Little Chef will be touring 11 major UK cities in a VW camper van inviting consumers to share their memories of Little Chef and what they would like to bring back from the last 50 years via the van’s interactive recording booth. Some responses will then be featured on a campaign microsite,, and used to share memories and inform the new Little Chef concept.

Hyperlaunch’s viral game, which will be hosted on the microsite, aims to help create brand awareness for Little Chef, re-engaging and widening its appeal with the public – including ‘digital natives’, whilst driving traffic to the microsite to help inform the development of the campaign and the brand.

In the ten-level retro Pacman-esque game the player’s challenge is to make an animated Little Chef character run around a maze collecting pellets, whilst avoiding road traffic to complete the level by reaching the Little Chef restaurant. Play is made progressively harder with the addition of more, and faster traffic, and players can accumulate bonus points by running over various food items which make them invisible from the lorries.

Claire Wormley, Little Chef Marketing Manager comments: “The ‘Bring Back’ campaign is all about creating a new version of an old favourite. Hyperlaunch has cleverly interpreted the brief, bringing the campaign concept to life with a great take on a classic arcade favourite. The aim is that this will drive awareness and create appeal for the brand with our wide target audience through an association with fun, whilst driving traffic to the microsite to engage them further.”


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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th June 2008