Tiscali, the broadband, media and telephone company, today announces the launch of a state of the art online Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) available through its award winning portal, www.tiscali.co.uk. The EPG is designed to be an essential TV guide and planning resource for users of any digital TV service – including Tiscali’s own Tiscali TV, Virgin Media, Freeview and Sky.

The Tiscali guide is the first online listings service to include full details of over 170 channels and TV content available through on-demand channels like 4OD, giving viewers the chance to search through listings of every TV show or film stored on each.

Personalised experience

The guide enables users to personalise the service to the channels and features they are most interested in. Users can select the channels they want to view, set reminders, pick favourite shows and receive recommendations based on their personal preferences. The service also includes interactive elements allowing users to rate programmes and comment on them.

The EPG incorporates a fully-functioning search facility that can track a particular TV show, genre or star, returning the films they are starring in and when they will be showing. The search function also includes image galleries, biographies, video trailers and clips from cultural and sports events, launching with highlights from the 2008 Wimbledon tennis championships later this year.

Alex Hole, Online Media Director for Tiscali, says: “Our annual TV trends report revealed this year that consumers want to have greater control over the TV they watch, and this has been a key driver in the design of the EPG. It is easy to use and can be customised to whatever degree an individual chooses, from the channels selected to the colours and layout of the page itself.”

Users are not required to register to use the EPG as the site will remember individual settings via a cookie. However, users who do register will be able to access their profile on different PCs simply by logging in at the homepage.

Integration with Tiscali TV

As the service develops it will begin to incorporate additional content including trailers and sneak peeks of upcoming TV shows. It will also increasingly integrate with and work alongside the Tiscali TV platform. Subscribers with the Tiscali+ PVR will be able to set programmes to record at home from the online guide.

"Our intention is to continue developing the guide both as an independent resource and as a complement to Tiscali TV," Hole says.

Intelligent marketing

The personalisation of the site will enable brands to target specific users in a non-intrusive and effective fashion. Marketers will be able to sponsor specific programmes or genres and to embed video content within specifically designed segments on the landing page.

Alex Hole continues: “We see the EPG as an ideal medium for intelligent marketing. The personalisation of the service allows us to offer consumers only the kind of marketing content they are interested in receiving.”

The home page includes video footage that will tailor itself to individual users. Existing Tiscali TV customers will receive trailers of the latest shows and channels available on the Tiscali TV service, while other viewers will receive a more generic looped preview.

“Video is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketer’s portfolio and we will be encouraging our partners to incorporate the medium into their campaigns,” Hole adds.


For further information please contact Tim Masih on 020 7608 4679

About Tiscali

Tiscali UK forms part of Tiscali SpA., headquartered in Cagliari, Italy. The UK company was launched in July, 2001 following the acquisitions of Liberty Surf, World Online and LineOne.  Tiscali UK also acquired Tiny and Gateway ISPs ands more recently Video Networks Limited in 2006 to enable it to provide Triple Play broadband, telephone and home entertainment IPTV and Video on Demand services and the Pipex broadband and telephone business in September 2007.

Providing broadband, dialup, telephone and TV services to over three million customers of which two million are broadband customers, Tiscali UK is positioned within the UK market as the 3rd largest DSL broadband provider.

One of the most comprehensive sites on the web, Tiscali's portal www.tiscali.co.uk provides 25 channels and over 55,000 pages of constantly updated information, resources and entertainment content. The site receives over 6.7 million unique visitors per month*, a total of 314 million page views. The site gives access to online services from shopping to sport and money to entertainment and also provides services such as legal music downloading from a catalogue of over 1 million tracks, a free Video Email service and a Members Area with exclusive content and offers.
Tiscali S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana, Milan: TIS) is one of the main alternative European telecommunication companies. With one of the largest and most interconnected IP networks in the world, Tiscali is able to supply its customers, residential and business, with a full range of services:  Internet access, both dial-up and ADSL, voice, VoIP, IPTV, media, value added services (VAS), and other technologically advanced products. * ABCe January 2008

As of 31st March 2008, Tiscali had ca 3.5 million active users in Italy and the UK.  2.45 million of these were ADSL customers.

Tiscali's corporate website can be found at www.tiscali.com.

Visit the Tiscali Press Centre at www.tiscali.co.uk/press

Published on: 12:00AM on 26th June 2008