Digital Outlook have designed and built a social network application, “My Rock Band,” on Facebook in the UK and France. “My Rock Band” promotes the launch of the new Rock Band game from MTV Games, available exclusively on Xbox 360 this summer.

The aim of this campaign is to appeal to a broader audience – not just those interested in gaming. By creating a Facebook application, Xbox are able to reach this audience in a way that is suitable and relevant to them.

The ”My Rock Band” application mirrors those aspects of the game that make Rock Band such fun. Created by Harmonix, the leading developer of music-based games, and MTV Games, Rock Band on Xbox 360 brings friends and family together to Start a Band and Rock the World challenging players to tour for fame and fortune by mastering lead guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

On downloading the application, Facebook members create their ultimate band by choosing a band name, their role and, from their friends list, band mates. Their additional Facebook friends can also interact with the application and, just like bonafide groupies, they can ‘scream “you rock”’, ‘join the mosh pit’, ‘throw the rock horns’ or ‘crowd surf.‘ The critics amongst them can even ‘boo the band’ or ‘put their fingers in their ears.’

Friends can click on the ‘challenge me’ button below each of the band members and play a simple flash game to audition. Beat that person’s score and you have knocked them out of the band!

“Rock Band is all about getting together with your friends, forming a band and rocking the world, so the My Rock Band Facebook application is the perfect way to capture this in a social networking environment. We’re committed to reaching a broader audience with our communications and Digital Outlook has done a great job of capturing both the social values of both Xbox and Rock Band with My Rock Band.” Mark Dawson, CRM Manager, Xbox EMEA

“What makes this different from other applications is how it uses the simple yet challenging game mechanic to really drive people to interact in a more engaging way with their friends and the brand in equal measures. Facebook adds a new dimension to social interactions between real world friends, and this application helps amplify this. It brings together personalisation, self promotion and good old fashioned friendly rivalry into the perfect storm of social applications.” Says Maurice Wheeler Planning Director, Digital Outlook

The application went live on Facebook on Friday 13th June and launches this week. It is being supported via social ads created by AKQA on Facebook in the UK and also on the official Xbox Facebook pages in UK and France:

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th June 2008