eBusiness & eCommerce specialist MSI Commerce starts a partner ship with ex-Pat Investments a investment company for individuals based in Hong Kong.

MSI Commerce announced the launch of its new eCommerce platform at the start of May, offering extend functionality from a base price of £8,000. The sites offer marketing driven features designed to deliver a personalised user experience, with facilities to deliver segmented home and category pages, plus extended user tracking facilities.

ex-Pat Investments has become the first to partner with MSI Commerce looking to take advantage of these key features in order to build stronger relationships with its customers.

The use of a catalogue style site for properties is a regular occurrence, but the tie in with a checkout process less so. As well as offering property investment, the company is looking to expand into other investment products and services that can be served through an ecommerce channel. The company has plans to allow the reservation of properties through the channel, cutting manual processes and ultimately saving costs.

“We are just entering the project initiation phase, this promises to be an exciting development and an interesting new market for our ecommerce solutions.” Comments Michael Bates, Managing Director of MSI Commerce. More details will follow shortly on the MSI Commerce website. http://www.msicommerce.co.uk/partners/propertyinvestment.asp

For Further Information, please contact:
Michael Bates
Managing Director
MSI Commerce
T: 01483 901 923
E: michael.bates@msicommerce.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th May 2008