- Content optimisation technology from Maxymiser provides ViewLondon.co.uk with the ability to assess the impact of personalised web content on click-through and conversion rates -

The UK’s leading website for Londoners, ViewLondon.co.uk, has partnered with content optimisation specialist, Maxymiser, to provide a personalised web experience to each of its 1.4million unique visitors.

Using Maxymiser’s content optimisation technology, ViewLondon.co.uk will be able to test the success of various components of its website and deliver insights into the impact of personalised web content on click-through and conversion rates. In addition, the Maxymiser technology can track and monitor the pathway of an individual internet user onto the ViewLondon.co.uk website, highlighting which components were most effective in driving web traffic.

As Lloyd Nicholson-Taylor, Director at ViewLondon.co.uk, explains, “Since we launched in 2000, we have prided ourselves on our independence and our ability to deliver the best information in the industry to consumers but until now we have been constrained by the time it takes to implement each change. With Maxymiser’s technology we can streamline this process and it is now very easy for us to test different versions of the website and provide a far more tailored experience to each of our visitors, delivering to them the high quality content they are used to in the style and format they desire.”

Nicholson-Taylor continues, “Content intelligence techniques such as multivariate testing and behavioural targeting are not new but too often they require a disproportionate amount of effort to achieve minimal results, distracting our teams from their core activities. However, with Maxymiser we are able to clearly see the effect of multivariate testing on bottom line results, without this being a drain on our internal resource – so our staff are still free to do what they do best.”

As the market leader in content optimisation technology, Maxymiser is unique in providing organisations with a proven solution to increase the effectiveness of their website content and design, in order to deliver key metrics such as conversion and click through rates more effectively. Based on clear statistical proof about which combinations of content and design work most successfully in converting sales and delivering customers, Maxymiser enables website owners to refine their websites in real-time to capitalise on strong performing features and remove the less successful elements.

Following the successful completion of the current testing, ViewLondon.co.uk hopes to maintain its position as an innovator in the industry through further work with Maxymiser. As Nicholson-Taylor concludes, “We have a strong relationship with Maxymiser and we feel that their offering presents a unique opportunity to interact and reach new and existing customers. As we expand our web presence, we are keen to maintain our relationship with Maxymiser in order to continue to provide our users with a first-class service and a personalised web experience.”


Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd June 2008