Key Features Include Publisher Registration Point, Campaign Optimization, Controlled Exposure and Vericount

Raleigh, NC – September 20, 2004 – Accipiter Solutions, Inc. today announced that, a leading advertising-representative for larger, well-known properties has selected its AdBureau hosted ad management solution. joins a number of other ad networks around the world including BeWeb, BUDS Inc., eType,, and WebAds who have already benefited from Accipiter’s ad management technology and expertise. serves ads in many formats including banners, leaderboards, towers, and pops. Publishers are selected on a site-by-site basis and placed into a particular category to ensure the best campaign optimization. is currently licensed to serve up to 120 million ads per month. had tried other ad management technologies, but was not satisfied with the performance or the results.

“Accipiter solves all of our problems from accounting to ad management, all in one solution,” explained David Zapletal, director of business development, “We have spent too much valuable time troubleshooting and working with other ad serving technology that simply could not do the job. With Accipiter’s help, we hope to focus on growing our network and building more personal relationships with our publishers and advertisers.”

“Accipiter also offers a number of features created to help ad networks like maximize ad inventory and yield higher revenues,” Zapletal added.

Those features include Accipiter’s an advanced Publisher Registration Point (PRP) system, which provides an alternative to typical site representation approaches. The PRP system introduces new methods of aggregating small inventory into a much larger network. Using PRP, ad networks can allow publishers to join the ad network, assign themselves to a particular channel or sub-channel, selectively exclude campaigns from serving on their site, and run CMP/CPC campaigns. PRP also offers a manual approval option, automated ad tag generation, automated invoicing and a full reporting suite.

Other capabilities include Campaign Optimization, which automatically weights campaign creatives so that higher performing creatives display more often than lesser-performing creatives; Controlled Exposure which guarantees advertisers that a specific number of unique visitors will view their ads; and Vericount which minimizes discrepancies with 3rd parties.

“Accipiter understands the challenges that ad networks face in dealing with a large number of sites and unsold/remnant inventory,” explained Brian Handly, Accipiter CEO. “Our goal was to create a solution to help them maximize revenues from all available ad inventory.”

About ClickHype
ClickHype was launched in 2003 because of a need in the online advertising industry for a solid, reliable ad-rep that services both advertisers and publishers. The company has direct and close relationships with clients all over the Internet advertising spectrum. It currently operates a network of over 100 websites, which serves 300 million ad impressions monthly.

About Accipiter
Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Accipiter has been a pioneer and leading developer of online advertising solutions and services since 1996. With offices worldwide including the U.K., Italy, Scandinavia, and Singapore, Accipiter provides global solutions for over 300 customers in 26 countries. Accipiter executives are respected as industry thought leaders, and strive to develop industry standards through work with organizations such as the Internet Advertising Bureau and the Online Publisher’s Association. Accipiter offers two ad management solutions: a site-side software solution, AdManager V7, and a hosted, outsourced solution, AdBureau. Accipiter also leads the industry with over six years of experience in implementing behavioral targeting technology. For general information, please visit


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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th September 2004