The NHS has launched a website dedicated to the National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) cleanyourhands campaign, using Swebtec’s enterprise content management system, expressCMS.

The cleanyourhands campaign aims to combat Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI), which currently affects eight per cent of acute admissions to hospital. These infections can lead to delays in patient discharge of 11 days, representing 3.6 million lost bed days for the NHS, with a projected cost of £1 billion a year. According to research, incidences of HCAI can be reduced by up to 50 per cent by improving infection control procedures within hospitals including hand hygiene.

Integrated into the NPSA’s main website, the cleanyourhands microsite was created in three days to support the NPSA’s off-line marketing campaign. The NPSA was able to create the site following the rebuilding of its internet and intranet sites by Swebtec earlier this year. Based on the expressCMS platform, the NPSA can update and control content on the site and create additional microsites quickly and easily without the need for expert technical training or knowledge.

Brian Henderson, joint managing director of Swebtec, says, “Disseminating information accurately and on a timely basis is essential for national initiatives such as the cleanyourhands campaign. One of the major benefits of expressCMS is that it is powerful, yet simple enough for non-technical staff to use, enabling the NPSA to support their initiatives to improve patient safety.”

Tosh Mondal, IT Director for the NPSA says, “When we relaunched our website earlier this year, our two key requirements were to make it more robust and more user-friendly. Swebtec’s expressCMS platform has succeeded on both fronts, giving us greater control over the content of our website and enabling us to update information and create additional microsites without having to invest in any further technology.

“Our research shows that awareness of hand hygiene does help to reduce hospital infections and, with the site launched in just three days, we have been able to provide hospitals across England and Wales with access to the most up to date information on the prevention of HCAI through better hand hygiene.”
The cleanyourhands site can be accessed at

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For further information, please contact:

Swebtec : Jamie Kruger 020 7471 8120

Broadgate: Roland Cross or Victoria Lomax 0207 726 6111

NPSA: Euan Robertson 0207 927 9500


National Patient Safety Agency - NPSA:
The NPSA is a Special Health Authority created in July 2001 to co-ordinate the efforts of the entire country to report, and more importantly to learn from mistakes and problems that affect patient safety. The NPSA plays a key role in bringing patient safety to a national level, enabling the NHS to learn from incidents and make itself safer and more stress free for patients.

As well as making sure errors are reported in the first place, the NPSA is trying to promote an open and fair culture in the NHS, encouraging all healthcare staff to report incidents without undue fear of personal reprimand. It will then collect reports from throughout the country and initiate preventative measures, so that the whole country can learn from each case, and patient safety throughout the NHS can be improved.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd September 2004