enabling advertisers to create curiosity and publishers to save space

Webgains, a division of ad pepper media International N.V. and one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing networks in Europe, today announces the launch of their smart, new ‘Page Peel’ technology to provide advertisers with a unique way of reaching customers and publishers/affiliates to leverage content space on their website.

‘Page Peel’ entices web users to ‘peel away’ the page, by hovering over the ‘peel back’ area in the top corner of a page, to reveal a creative advert. This offers a unique and subtle way of enlarging the accessible page area, and enhancing site stickiness. For affiliates/publishes, ‘Page Peel’ gives the freedom to keep website space for content, whilst extending the effective page area to include ‘peek-a-boo’ advertising. In addition, ‘Page Peel’ enables publishers to rotate multiple ads on their sites.

For advertisers, ‘Page Peel’ offers brand association with a cool, new, interactive advertising format, together with increased prime publisher site space, which together should drive enhanced returns on advertising spend. When added to the commission-based, CPA cost model, ‘Page Peel’ will provide a low-risk, cutting-edge way of advertising on-line. ‘Page Peel’ is included in the cost of the ’supported’ or ‘fully managed’ Webgains solutions and at a nominal cost of £100 to ‘self–managed’ advertisers, offering excellent value.

The technology can be installed on multiple domains and Webgains offer a ‘piece of cake’ five-minute set up promise. Page Peel ads script is supported by all web browsers as it uses Adobe Flash Player enabling access to 98% of all internet viewers.

Page Peel has been already nominated for a ‘Best Use of Creative’ award at the A4U Awards (http://www.a4uawards.com/award_categories.php), the affiliate marketing industry’s showcase, on June 5 at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London.

Viking Direct (www.viking-direct.co.uk) the stationery giant, part of the Office Depot group has already signed up to trial Page Peel, Gary Thompson E-Commerce Manager, UK & Ireland, explains why:

“If we review the creative formats available to advertisers in recent years, we find that the space has been dominated largely by pop-ups, which people don’t like as they find them irritating and intrusive. Peel Away Ads are not only unobtrusive, they are actually enticing. Installing the peel away ads is also very easy. We are keen to see what the response rate will do for our advertising” Gary Thompson adds.

Robert Glasgow, the Managing Director for Webgains, thinks the creative element is the key:

“Affiliate marketing is often talked about in terms of delivery rather than creativity. We are challenging this assumption by introducing cutting edge formats. Visitors like interactivity and Page Peel delivers this in an easy, fast and affordable way for advertisers and publishers.”


About Webgains

Founded in 2004, Webgains is one of the leading European affiliate marketing networks, providing a highly effective combination of user-friendly technology together with world-class client account management. With offices in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, Webgains is the fastest growing affiliate network in Europe facilitating trans-national transactions for the benefit of both our affiliates and merchants. Webgains is part of ad pepper Media N.V., the pan-European online marketing specialists.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st June 2008