Social network users fed up with updating multiple profiles, contact lists and activities have a new tool to help manage their online presence. Webjam, the place for you, your groups and your sites today announces that it has launched a ‘badge creator’ so users can easily and simply build a profile that can be embedded into any site they want.

As Webjam’s badge creator allows users to keep their profile in sync around the web, it also addresses the pressing issue of data privacy, helping users of social networks to decide for themselves what data they show and how it will be used.

Yann Motte, Co-founder and CEO of Webjam said, “First and foremost, we are focused on looking at the issues from the perspective of the user and the fuss of managing profiles across multiple sites is a real bug bear for them. Most of our users have a presence in more than one web-based social networks or applications and the Webjam badge fulfils the need for more flexibility and control in sharing their information between different places on the web.”

The badge works by providing a template of key data with customisation options, which then gives the user the html to embed anywhere they want to replicate that information. Users can control the data that is held on the badge including profile information, friends, a list of their sites and even their latest activities, which can be viewed even if the viewer is not logged into Webjam.

Yann continues, “Data portability and the implication it has on privacy is an immensely important issue in the web 2.0 arena. Our badge creator is the first deliverable of our overall goal to enable individuals to truly be able to decide what to do with their own data and how it gets used by others.”

Webjam is the next generation tool in social publishing, allowing any individual, organisation or corporation to give a sense of purpose to their online connections and manage their web presence, from the content they share to the groups they interact with. Webjam is the solution of choice for local communities, interest groups, think tanks or charities which want to easily connect online and share content in a controlled and safe environment.

Webjam was recently named as a finalist in the Red Herring 100 Europe 2008.

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th July 2008