- Reflecting growing interest in website quality management and the ROI it delivers -

London, UK – 22nd July 2008: British pioneer of website quality monitoring, Magus Ltd, has announced wins with five major organisations for its unique ActiveStandards solution and its website standards consultancy service. These include two UK public sector organisations, leading international mining group Rio Tinto, a major consumer electronics company, and Magus's first Italian client: Telecom Italia.

Commenting on the exceptional number of new client wins, Simon Lande, CEO of Magus said, "We have seen an explosion of interest in the service, demonstrating that ActiveStandards really is a product of its time. Online brand integrity is a problem of growing concern to large organisations with high-visibility websites. Before ActiveStandards, managing website quality issues on a global corporate scale was an almost impossible task - a recognised problem without an effective solution. ActiveStandards automates the entire process, giving marketers and website managers the ability to protect the significant investment they make in their brands across their global websites. And it helps them do this with increased speed, accuracy and efficiency.

"In the current economic climate it has become more important than ever to demonstrate ROI (Return On Investment) on every penny spent online. ActiveStandards delivers this ROI in clear terms."

Preliminary findings from a Magus study (1) into the operational benefits of using ActiveStandards on large (over 1,000 pages) and multi-site web estates show significant ROI across a range of website management tasks, including: quality assurance, error remediation, change control, asset auditing and retrieval. Cost savings across this core subset of quality management activities, average £5,000 per 1,000 pages per month.

Companies with websites of several thousand pages therefore have the capability to save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, while optimising the quality and performance of their web estate.

Additional savings can also be made in areas such as editor training (ActiveStandards provides an editor coaching function), and reduced recruitment costs.

"The operational savings alone are a strong imperative for the service," Simon commented. "But above and beyond that, is the protection and optimisation of your online brand – we wish we could put a value on that. The world's leading companies are spending millions on their brands, which are valued at billions of pounds. Ensuring their web presence supports, rather than undermines their brand, has to be a priority.

"These five organisations were quick to see the benefits of automated website quality monitoring to their members and customers, and it is great to have them as part of the growing ActiveStandards community."

1) The full findings of Magus's study into the ROI of automated website quality management, will be released later this year.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd July 2008