Muddy fields, leaky tents, wet wipes and portaloos might not be everyone's idea of a good weekend but hundreds of thousands of us will be subjecting ourselves to just that this summer in order to catch our favourite bands in action. We've put together 5 top festival survival gadgets for this summer.

1. Selk Bag - £89.95

Picture, if you will, a sleeping bag. With arms and legs.

The Selk Bag is the ultimate in festival chic. Forget the days of ugly, impractical sleeping bags and welcome the new kid on the block - extremely useful and guaranteed to make a statement on the scene. The Selk Bag will not only keep you toasty warm - to temperatures as low as -8.4 degrees in fact - but the separate arms and legs means that you are free to walk around or make a cup of tea without having to hop about like a deranged kangaroo. Available in three different colours: red, yellow and brown, the Selk is 'The Outfit' to be seen in on the campsite this summer.

2. Carry & Go Briefcase BBQ - £24.95

Cross between a barbeque and a briefcase, this product is the ultimate in portable BBQs.

The Carry & Go BBQ is a must for foody festival goers who don't fancy the look of those organic beanburgers. Perfect for cooking sausages and bacon on the morning after a long night of dancing, the BBQ folds down into a case so carrying it from the car to the campsite needn't be a hassle.

3. Aerobeds - £49.95 single & £69.95 double

From flat to mattress in 60 seconds, aerobeds will be a top festival gadget this year.

Keeping your comfort levels up at festivals is unlikely to be an easy task when you are sharing toilets and showers with thousands of other people. Whilst we can't promise immaculate facilities and warm water, the Aerobed might go some way to creating a home from home underneath the stars. Just charge the pump in advance and the uber-comfy bed will inflate in 60 seconds, creating a little piece of paradise in your canvas haven.

4. Astronaut Food - from £2.95

Freeze dried, nutritious and delicious!

Without a Tesco Express or a Sainsbury's Local onsite for a late night munchies fix, this Astronaut Food might just be the next best thing for festival space cadets. Coming in three different varieties: Banana, Strawberry and Neapolitan Ice Cream (don't ask us to explain the science bit) the freeze dried food is guaranteed to fill a hole in your stomach.

5. Twister Towel - £14.95

If you're planning to brave the showers at the festivals this year, why waste the space in your bag for a boring old towel? The Twister towel doubles up as - you guessed it - a Twister set. As festivals are not just about finding the best new talent but also having a laugh with your mates as well, why not have some fun and games whilst you're waiting for your favourite act to come on stage. Complete with a pair of inflatable dice, this game will make your pitch the envy of your neighbours - who knows, you might even make some new friends.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th July 2008